Declining App Store Revenue Growth

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Apple’s senior vice president of Services, Eddy Cue recently shared achievements of the company’s services in 2022 in an open letter. Saying that 2022 was the “groundbreaking year for entertainment”, the letter stated that Apple services hit 900 million paid subscriptions and App Store paid $320 billion to developers offering digital services and goods since… Read more »

How Blockchain is Disrupting the Mobile App Development Segment

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Blockchain and mobile apps

Blockchain is no longer just the word on everyone’s lips; it’s being implemented in many different areas. It’s impacting industries all across the globe. Many refer to it as a revolution, especially when looking at the changes it’s bringing to education, finance, and healthcare. As this technology becomes more common, we can expect to see… Read more »

App Store Optimisation (ASO)-Tips and Tricks for 2021

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Building an application is one thing and making it popular is another. App Development requires a lot of money, time and effort, but those things go in vain if you do not have the audience to use your application.  There are more than 5 million apps available on the app store. You cannot expect that somebody… Read more »

7 Do’s and Don’ts of Using Social Media for App Marketing

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Social Media Do's and Don'ts for App marketing

Each mobile app developer knows how it is difficult to promote own application. One of the most effective ways to make applications successful is social media marketing. Social media provide a much wider target audience than other ways of communication. Moreover, it can bring a lot of customers without effort. Nevertheless, it is very important… Read more »

How Much Does It Cost to Make an iPhone Application?

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How Much Does It Cost to Make an iPhone Application

Being a professional iPhone app developer, one of the most common questions people asked me is “How much does it cost to develop an iPhone app?” But do you know that giving a right answer to this question is not easy without discussing the requirements of the project? by Arum Som A developer can’t provide… Read more »

Mobile Apps for a Smarter Business – How It can Increase your Productivity

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In this guest post you can read about how mobile apps can increase your own and your business productivity. by Alycia Gordan The wonders that tag along with a mobile app, are hard to ignore. In fact, you will eventually fall down the corporate grid if you do not go digital right away. Your business… Read more »

How To Engage Social Media Users To Market Mobile Apps?

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Smartphones are the first thing that you will find to be with anyone you meet. More than a partner, smartphones are the necessity of today’s human beings, and the next best thing to smartphones is their apps. These apps can assist you in tracking your food to book tickets online. From buying a paperclip to… Read more »

Ad Monetization with Firebase

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For the Marketing World, there are different types of strategies for contributing to UX and even improve user retention and engagement. Advertisements are a crucial part of your marketing’s overall strategy. In the current days, the Firebase Ad monetizing is gaining popularity. Google’s Firebase is a mobile and web development platform packed with multiple services… Read more »

8 Business Advantages of Customized Mobile App Development

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Are you looking for Salesforce app development or other app development services? By Mike Hutson Customized mobile apps have found their own space in the business world. According to reports, on average around 7.5 hours per employee per week are saved because of using customized mobile apps. In addition, about 82 percent of business owners… Read more »

6 Ways to improve user engagement for your mobile app

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These days, building an app is almost like child’s play, but the challenge lies in building and maintaining loyal and engaged users.  The ultimate goal of most mobile apps is to achieve the optimum of customer satisfaction in order to obtain rich ROIs. In today’s high-profile tech world, the consumers are instinctively looking for smartphone… Read more »