How Blockchain is Disrupting the Mobile App Development Segment

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Blockchain and mobile apps

Blockchain is no longer just the word on everyone’s lips; it’s being implemented in many different areas. It’s impacting industries all across the globe. Many refer to it as a revolution, especially when looking at the changes it’s bringing to education, finance, and healthcare. As this technology becomes more common, we can expect to see… Read more »

A Deep Look At Various App Development Frameworks

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App Frameworks

In recent times, mobile app development has become more comfortable thanks to the app development frameworks that help target both iOS and Android platforms. Few app development frameworks are apt enough to deliver a native user experience for iOS and Android platforms.   by Jamie Waltz Photo by Ilya Pavlov on Unsplash According to the CEO… Read more »

3 Ways Businesses Can Leverage AI in Mobile Apps

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With the fierce competition surrounding the businesses, they are always on the journey to discover ways to make the best use of technology. Today, smartphones and mobile apps have transformed the entire meaning of technology, and the world has become even smaller. Mobile apps have evolved the company strategies and enhanced their operational efficiencies. But,… Read more »

#PWA: Future of Mobile App development resides in this

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As different technologies continue to mount, Progressive Web Apps are set to signal technical progress and innovation in the mobile app development space. More importantly, unlike responsive web designs, these apps are seen seamlessly uniting desktop, mobile and app experiences. by Serena Cooper In simple words, PWAs are a rare combination of experiences that combine… Read more »

9 Mobile trends in 2018 and beyond

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Smartphones have become an extension of our very being in recent years. We use them for music, alarms, clocks, messaging across multiple platforms such as good old SMS, to Viber, WhatsApp and FB messenger, catching up on news, watching YouTube videos, checking email, corporate apps for time management, project management and many other tasks. It’s… Read more »

Hidden expenses of mobile app development

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It is no wonder that top mostly-used mobile apps inhabit the first user’s page. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Angry Birds, etc., this list can be further followed by hundreds of reputed applications that have already become the household names nowadays.  Subsequently, it comes naturally to many promising startuppers to ask that very question: how much does… Read more »

Google hijacking app search for Google Play – Final nail in antitrust coffin?

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Google just announced that they will now test including direct downloads of apps from Google’s search app thereby bypassing the need to go to Google Play. Many stories have been written about how Google is facing antitrust issues due to their anti-competitive behavior around Google Play services. It’s not hard to see how enabling direct… Read more »

The return of Microsoft as a mobile force?

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Windows Mobile has in large part been heralded as a pretty good and sleek operating system. Consumers however, have not caught on at all, and Microsoft’s market share in the mobile OS market has been minimal. With Windows 10 and some strategic moves, it could mean the return to mobile relevance for Microsoft for a… Read more »

Is Microsoft coming back in favor with app developers?

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“Windows Phone is the new cool” touts Vision Mobile’s latest Developer Economics report. In it, they point to the fact that 57% of developers plan to adopt Windows Phone very soon.  At CodeNgo we’ve had a chance to play with the Lumia 900, and it is not a bad device at all, albeit with quite… Read more »