Building an application is one thing and making it popular is another. App Development requires a lot of money, time and effort, but those things go in vain if you do not have the audience to use your application.  There are more than 5 million apps available on the app store. You cannot expect that somebody will download your application without knowing about it.  ASO can play a crucial role in fulfilling this aspect. It increases visibility, drives more traffic, increases the customer base, help in getting better organic reach, increases revenue and reduce the acquisition cost.  ASO thus plays an important role. This blog guides you to establish a strong ASO for your application.

by Aarif Habeeb 

1) Understanding the audience

The first step in ASO is to identify who will use this application. People usually find the application through Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. More than 70% of mobile users use the search option to find new apps. Studies show that 65% of these downloads occur via searching an application. 

You must understand the audience as the market you want to target for your application. You should be clear about the audience’s behavior, needs, usability etc. It would help if you gathered complete insights, as they will play a crucial role in releasing a successful app. Identify the way through which you will distribute the app; the language application will use etc. You can hire a digital marketing company to conduct this search for you.


2) Choosing the right keywords

Just like keywords are essential for the content, they are similarly important for the apps. These keywords increase your visibility on various app stores. Always use the low difficulty keywords with appropriate popularity initially as it a new app; it will take time to gain momentum. 

These keywords are essential for in-app store listing, and every element of in-app store listing affects your ASO. You can find these keywords with the help of applications like Ubersuggest, Keyword Suggestion and that too for free.

Once you have discovered many keywords, filter them out with the help of app keyword optimization tools like Matti, Mobile Action, ASOdesk etc. These applications have advanced features such as keyword suggestion, keyword optimization, keyword tracking, etc., which will help you check which keywords work best for you and optimize them further. 

3) Using the Keywords at the right place

Once you have selected the right keywords, you need to put these keywords in the right place. The following should contain the keywords:

  1. App Name: The name of your application says a lot, and the wrong word might decrease the downloads. The title should be searchable. Your application must contain the keyword as Google Play Store and iOS app store give preference to such app which have the keyword.

  2. App Title: The title should be no more than 30 characters. It should be clear and unique. It should also describe the application.

  3. App Description: You can add about 4000 characters to the description. The description should contain focused keywords as this tells the app store algorithm that your keyword is relevant to those keywords. This section should be informative and must specify the following:

    • What is the pricing of the application?
    • What does the application do?
    • How will it resolve the user’s issue?

4) Optimization of App Store Page

The next step is to optimize your app store page, as it will increase the impact of the download of the application. The page should be persuasive as well as impressive to get as many downloads as possible. Keep these things in mind:

  1. App Icon: The icons should be aesthetic and eye-catching. The design should be kept simple so that people can remember it easily in one go. The color scheme, size, employ brand icon if it’s a brand etc. You should test and run several designs and then finalize them.

  2. Screenshots: Once the customer visits the app store page, you should be able to communicate the app’s usability so that they can download it. You can explain it with the help of screenshots. If you employ the two best screenshots, it can increase the downloads by 25%. The screenshots should be simple, conveying one message at a time with the most vital messages in the first two messages.

  3. Preview Video: Videos deliver messages much strongly than screenshots or written text. It can increase your chances by more than 23%. The video should depict the functionality and should be clear in delivering the messages.  

Last few words

Even after following these steps, it is not sure that your application will rank number one on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Like no one knows the actual algorithm of SEO, nobody can predict this algorithm as well. The algorithm keeps on changing over time. 

But by following the above technique will affect your application ranking. App Search Optimization (ASO) is all about increasing the accessibility and visibility of your application so that you can fetch better downloads. You can hire a digital marketing company that can carry the task for you.

Aarif Habeeb is the Technical Content writer at DigitalMarketingCrab. He is a technical writer and IoT writer of year 2020 by HackerNoon. His expertise includes Technical writing, Technical SEO, e-commerce, lead generation, and localized site-to-store strategies. He is the founder of Aarif Habeeb & Co. Feel Free to Follow him on Twitter and Linkedin.



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