For the Marketing World, there are different types of strategies for contributing to UX and even improve user retention and engagement. Advertisements are a crucial part of your marketing’s overall strategy. In the current days, the Firebase Ad monetizing is gaining popularity. Google’s Firebase is a mobile and web development platform packed with multiple services like Analytics, Cloud Messaging, Auth, Real-time database, etc. for application development. Firebase is compensated by rewarded video ads where a user earns rewards of in-app currency.

by Vikash Kumar


The rewarded video is a highly user-focused format. It begins by the user choosing to watch an ad and to get some rewards for impacting user engagement in multiple ways. Firebase offers similar reward video ads for the applications. Keep in mind the given few tips to enhance your user engagement.

#1 Building up your application to break down your crowd

Firebase can give a Real-time Database, Authentication, Cloud Messaging, Storage, Hosting and Crash Reporting to help you in building up your application. Disregard framework – you can concentrate on building your magnum opus and leave the tasks to Firebase. At the core, Firebase is a 100% free analytics arrangement constructed explicitly for mobile applications.

With boundless giving an account of unmistakable occasions, you can set up numerous estimations to know precisely what your clients are doing in your application, how they’re drawing in with your application, and what they adore most about your application. With this information, you can center your endeavors to penetrate down and continue the best highlights of your application, while in the meantime enhance recently surfaced zones of requirements.


#2 Develop your group of onlookers

After you’ve propelled your application, Firebase can enable you to develop and reconnect clients with ground-breaking development highlights. Utilizing Firebase Notifications reassure you can reconnect clients, run promoting efforts, and target messages to Audiences in Firebase Analytics.

Dynamic Links can endure the application introduce process and take clients to pertinent substance whether they’re a temporary client or a permanent client. There is likewise the Firebase Invites highlight, an out-of-the-case answer for application referrals and sharing, which lets your current clients effectively share your application, or their most loved in-application content, by means of email or SMS.

At last, Firebase can likewise follow your AdWords application introduces and report lifetime incentive to the Firebase Analytics dashboard, and Firebase Audiences can similarly be utilized in AdWords to reconnect explicit gatherings of clients. For instance, In-application occasions can be characterized as changes in AdWords, to naturally enhance your promotions, including public application battles.


#3 Adapt your item

With AdMob by Google, Firebase can likewise enable you to adapt your application by connecting your Firebase Analytics with adaptation. By joining these two items, you increase profound bits of knowledge into useful information, which you would then be able to use to enhance your client encounter and adapt your application.

Do your clients experience difficulty advancing past specific dimensions? Help them push with Rewarded Video. Are sure clients going through throughout the day interminably looking through your substance? Help them find other cool applications with Native Express. Do a couple of clients spend intensely on your IAPs and you need to keep their experience advertisement free? Portion them with Firebase, and prohibit them from the promotion encounter.


#4 Figure out your monetization strategy

You can add Data Analytics to understand what type of data to be collected along with custom Login for your application to access reward video ads. By enabling Debug mode to track raw event data logged by your app in real-time, create a segment with users for the audiences to check their activity. You can also enable custom parameter reporting to get insights into reading analytics reports and also use analytics predictions to predict user behavior. Opt for A/B testing to analyze Ad Behavior and change them according to user attention for Fine-tune Push Notification Messages.

Final Thoughts

Implementing the hacks in the right direction leads to the active user engagement for the rewarded video Ads using the Firebase. Thus, developers have started using firebase for better analytics as well to get user focus on their specific application. So, what are you waiting for? Start now!


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