Epic Games’ Legal Victory Casts Shadows on Google’s App Store Monopoly

Epic Games has achieved a notable legal milestone, securing victory in its prominent antitrust case against Google. The jury’s determination revealed that Google’s Play app store was deemed an illegal monopoly, exerting control over the Android app distribution and payments market. This decision carries significant implications for the tech giant’s app store business model, posing… Read more »

IoT for Business: Understanding How the Internet of Things Operates and Its Business Impact

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Mobile App Development Trends for 2024 – Unlocking the Future

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Crypto-Gaming Synergy Unveiled

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Productivity Apps Revolution: Softonics Reports a Significant Uptick in Downloads

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In-Game Advertising: A Comprehensive Overview, Functionality, and Considerations

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Enhance Cybersecurity Awareness: UK Government Collaborates with App Developers for Digital Resilience

Enhance Cybersecurity Awareness has become a rallying call in our increasingly interconnected digital world. By LizRustia Recognizing the paramount importance of strengthening cybersecurity, the United Kingdom (UK) government is taking proactive steps to bolster its cyber defenses through a pioneering collaboration with app developers. This collaborative effort, a central component of its National Cyber Strategy,… Read more »

China’s Mobile App Market: Pros, Cons, and How We Can Help

China’s mobile app market is undeniably one of the largest and most dynamic in the world. With over a billion mobile users, it offers immense growth potential for app developers and businesses. However, it also presents unique challenges due to regulatory intricacies, cultural differences, and intense competition. by Liz Rustia In this article, we will… Read more »

Mobile Marketing Trends To Lookout For In 2024

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An E-commerce App Development Comprehensive Guide to Success

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