7 Keys to Succeeding as a Mobile Application Developer

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Succeeding as a mobile app developer

For application developers anywhere, such as custom software developers, simply keeping pace with the industry is a full-time endeavor. They spend a lot of time racing to meet deadlines, scramble for gigs, or wade through flawed organizational spaces, which makes it easy for them to lose track of their goals. Gradually, and probably without anyone… Read more »

How to Write an Impressive App Developer CV and Boost Your Career

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Career and CV

They say that the first impression is the last. Is that really true? Getting suited up and memorizing answers to predictable questions is not a sure-shot way to boost your career. For that, you need an eye-grabbing and mind-boggling resume. No matter what the industry is – your CV speaks volumes about your experience and… Read more »

The Definitive Guide to App User Testing

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When it comes mobile app development when of the most overlooked aspects of the process is user testing, in fact this is often an afterthought and is only considered after the design and development of an app. by Robbie Allen, xDesign Fear not, xDesign a leading mobile app development agency located in Edinburgh, UK are… Read more »

5 Great Resources For Aspiring Mobile App Developers

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There’s no use in denying the fact that we’ve seen an astounding increase in mobile web usage since the debut of the smartphone. As of August 2013, 17.4% of web traffic is mobile in nature. As a result, there’s been an understandable surge in interest in mobile website and app development. For the uninitiated, mobile… Read more »

The forthcoming mobile games explosion

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Games are undoubtedly one of the most important category for mobile apps. And we strongly believe we have only seen the beginning of the explosion that is to become mobile gaming. As games permeate from entertainment to education, there are several indicators indicating the action is moving to a smaller screen. The big guys struggle… Read more »