For application developers anywhere, such as custom software developers, simply keeping pace with the industry is a full-time endeavor. They spend a lot of time racing to meet deadlines, scramble for gigs, or wade through flawed organizational spaces, which makes it easy for them to lose track of their goals. Gradually, and probably without anyone noticing it, the dream of building the perfect app, or landing the perfect development job fades into the far distance.

Succeeding as a mobile app developer

by Paul Smith

The custom software development world is saturated with so many developers that the competition to stay ahead of the game has become a steep climb. A career in app development offers appealing salaries and lucrative job opportunities. There are of course a few things to always bear in mind to become successful in this career choice. 

If you’re a developer, whether freelancing or working in a custom software development company, you should know when to transition from surviving to thriving in the software development space. 

Things to Know to Succeed in Your Mobile App Development 

The Flexibility It Brings

One of the most appealing things about becoming a developer of mobile apps is its flexibility. If you prefer working independently, there are so many independent developers out there who made it big. Moreover, you could also start your own development company. 

Nonetheless, with all the freedom it brings also comes a lot of insecurity and stress, particularly when you’re grappling to get established. What you should do is to take a personal inventory and determine what made you decide to become a developer. Try recapturing the feeling when you first realized that creating mobile apps was right for you. 

Setting some Goals

Try to think about where you would be in five years as a successful developer. Set some goals; they could be optimistic but should also be achievable. Together with the goals you want to achieve, you should also take into account what you need to get there. Make an assessment of what skills you should work on.  

It’s not only about your coding skills, although those of course are important. Often, independent app developers need to develop many other skills, such as networking, pitching, and project management to bring their ideas to life. 

Talk to Those in the Place where You want to Be

In developing mobile apps, one of the great things is the culture of collaboration. Many extremely successful people who would be happy to talk to you and discuss how they got to be where they are now. They’re eager and willing to answer questions and give advice to beginners, students, and others in the community. 

Public forums and social media channels are great places to reach out to all these successful developers. Consider looking for people with the same preferences as you. It’s a whole lot better to think about programmer friends based on their proximity with you on different coding style preferences, choices of tools, or other dimensions. 

Study Where Mobile App Developers Succeed and Where They Fail

Taking a hard, long look at the might-have-been and also-rans could help in identifying the secret success ingredients. Depending on what your goals are, looking further at the development itself at all the other things that go into building a successful app is a worthwhile endeavor. For instance, you’re enthusiastic about gaming, find out what developers started with great concepts but failed to accept wide adoption. 

As you make more contacts and friends in the industry, use it as a chance to determine their failures as well as their successes. Many developers are not keen on discussing their major project failures publicly, but all of them have stories. 

Continuous Learning

It’s natural for developers to burn out. They get stuck somewhere along the way doing the same tasks, product after product, the same specialization, year after year until they lose their passion and even their means of income. With your dream job, to continue your education to update your coding skills is more than that. 

Continuous learning provides you with new tools when the old ones become outdated. When you learn continuously, you get new and fresh approaches when you bang your head against a stubborn issue. 

Your job could turn endless labor into an opportunity of boosting and exploring your abilities. And, in the endless acceleration of tech cycles, it could spell the difference between thriving in the industry and just getting by. 

Release Frequently and Create Apps Fast 

For perfectionists, technology moves too fast. While you are still tweaking your app and looking for ways to jam in a few more features, someone else would have an austere version to market. Moreover, the fact is that an app that exists will have more downloads compared to one that doesn’t. 

A key skill for developers is to create mobile app prototypes since it enables them to try out ideas fast, get rid of those that don’t work, and dedicate time to those that do. You could become faster at the things that you’re good at with the right prototyping tools, and become better at things that you’re not. And, you should never forget testing as well. 

Getting feedback from users is invaluable to you as a developer, and the less you have to ask users, the easier it will be to make them try out your prototype. In just a few simple clicks, users could demo your application if you go for a browser-based mobile app prototyping platform that has cross-platform support. 

Stay Humble

Whatever your specialization may be, there probably are developers out there who are better at it than you. Learn from them, teach them what you know as well, and most of all, respect their skills and knowledge. Often, young, eager programmers are persuaded by the self-made success myth, but only a few, if any of those were truly self-made.  

They had designers, teachers, and backend wizards to connect all the pieces, not to mention loved ones and friends to support and inspire them. 


Even with the tough competition and the continuous evolution of technology, there is still plenty of room for app developers to succeed and make it big in the industry. Aside from all the things mentioned above, consider digging into the topics you love, keep challenging yourself, and most of all, keep your eyes open for an unexpected chance to be the next huge success. 

Paul Smith working as a Technical Content Writer.
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