Everyone who develops for Android knows about the Google Play store. Slightly more sophisticated publishers go beyond Google Play and feature in the Amazon Appstore, Samsung Apps or possibly even Getjar. In report after report the number one thing developers look for when choosing a platform is reach. Naturally this also extends to the app stores that they choose to support. At CodeNgo we agree that reach is an important factor when choosing what stores to submit to but it’s not the only factor developers should consider consider. In addition to looking at reach developers should also look at the competition in your category, the app store’s track record of delivering installs and the promotional opportunities offered by the app store. With this in mind we’ll introduce you to 3 alternate Android App Stores that you should be in that you’re not.

Let’s start with Mobango, a multi-platform free app store. Mobango has over 8 million users and has delivered over 1 billion downloads to date across all content areas. It’s user base is strong in the U.S. and India followed by Europe and Asia. Their interface is clear and easy to use, but what we like best about Mobango is it’s promotional platform. They offer a non-incentivized cost per install program (aka pay per download) that delivers quality installs at a fraction of the cost of most other app marketing vehicles. Looking to drive installs for less then $1 per install? If so, then you’ll want to have a look at Mobango.

Another great independent app store that is just off the radar for most developers is the SlideMe App marketplace. SlideMe is preloaded on over 120 OEM’s devices and has global reach. We like it because it has a large user base (2nd only to Google Play according to SlideMe), it supports payment processors of your choosing at a fraction of the cost of Google Play and developers speak highly of it. The submission process is simple and the approval process comes back quickly!

Finally we get to the Opera Store. This one didn’t originally make our list but a combination of recent changes to the promotional opportunities through the store plus the popularity of the browser in developing markets (Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa) makes Opera unique among the major independent app stores. Don’t expect a huge lift right away but this store is one to watch.

If you’re not already in these app stores then you’re missing downloads today!

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