From Samsung:

We understand that it can be a hassle to enter the binary file information when you register applications and we have tried to improve the Seller Office service based on your comments and opinions. Please note the following improvements have been made to device recommendations and category settings.

1. When you upload a binary file, compatible devices are recommended automatically.
– These improvements to application registration have been made for your convenience: some information entered in the manifest is now detected automatically and compatible devices are recommended based on that information, as well as information entered manually by the Seller.
– Target OS: bada, Android
– Auto Detection Items: App ID, API Level, Version (common), Mobile Network, VoIP (so far only available for Android), and more
– Other Manual Input Items: S Pen and more
– Effective from: Wednesday 10th October, 2012

2. Now, an additional category can be set when registering an application.
To help Sellers who had difficulty selecting only one category, because of the variety of features on their applications, you can now select up to 2 categories per application.
Primary Category: required / Secondary Category: optional
Effective from: Wednesday 10th October, 2012

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