Native apps have exclusively become an integral part of smartphones in the last few years. In fact, you will find Native apps being developed especially for a specific operating system. It supports software and hardware of different types of the operating system in the form Android, iOS, Windows as per its specific needs. It has the capability to gel perfectly with the newly launched technology. For instance, the camera and GPS applications have the ability to take advantage of the latest tech invention in the industry of smartphones. 

by Nikunj Shingala

When it comes to non-native applications, they either get wrapped into a web application or compile down into codes. There are several benefits and drawbacks of every procedure but here we are going to discuss the advantages of Native apps procedure which you must keep in mind during the app development process.

Below mentioned are the benefits of native mobile app development services, take a look:

  1. Secure & Reliable

Proactive security is one of the best features of a native application. These applications even provide remote management of applications on individual devices. When it comes to Web application development, it depends upon different browsers and technologies in the form of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. But when it is about native mobile applications, it helps you with complete assurance and security of your data. Being developed for a specific platform, Native applications are responsive and very fast and are compiled with the use of core programming language platforms and APIs.

  1. Performance

When it comes to speed, anything short of lightning speed is slow in today’s era. Especially when it comes to software and hardware usage, slow speed becomes a big pain to have. There have been many applications developed with the use of HTML5 and it didn’t provide the speed one was looking for. For instance, LinkedIn and Facebook invested quite heavily in HTML5 but with poor results they came back to the native application as it helped them enhance the application performance big time. Speed literally showed a huge difference and it benefited them with excellent response.

  1. Easy To Develop

The developers will get the assistance of SDK and all other tools with which the native app can be developed with ease. One can develop native apps with IDE ecosystem where a professional developer can get their native application built without any kind of glitches. Android and iOS platforms support all the tools with which not only one can design their application but also test before getting it published online. You will get a good range of tools in both Android and Xcode platforms with which you will be able to use a different type of hardware features for your needs and requirements. You will not be assisted with these type of features in cross development and web platforms. 

  1. Compatible Interface

Customer’s UI and UX expectations are fulfilled with native applications. It looks and feels the same as default applications with common icons and buttons. You do have the option to change to older version again but it gets even worse and will certainly not be easy to use. So, this shows how with native mobile app development, you get easy to use application which can be worked without any kind of complications.  

  1. Access the Full Feature Set of Devices

The native applications are feasible and can easily connect with USB, Bluetooth, GPS, camera,  and other device hardware. In fact, some of the features will help you with double touch, zoom, multi-touch and even more. The response of native application is more fluid with gestures like swipes and pinches. The design and functionality might differ with a different model but you will be able to avail complete access of these features with native applications. You will not be able to access such features when it comes to non-native applications. It makes it easy to understand with the use of unique features as similar to default or inbuilt applications. You will feel much more engaged with native applications when compared to other apps because of the interactive feature. 

So, this shows the advantages of using native mobile application development. It gives you a lot more control and security than any other applications. You will never have anything to complain about the user experience as the applications are designed according to the devices which can surely help you with a lot of support. So, you must stick to native applications and get their design attributes into work which can surely help you avail the best of experience. 


Nikunj Shingala is a CEO and co-founder at Webs Optimization Software Solution which is successfully delivering services in the realm of UI/UX design, web development, mobile app development, and enterprise solution. He’s enthusiastic blogger and his writing interest includes web and mobile app development technologies, startup ideas and strategies.



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