5 effective pieces of advice for mobile games localization

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The importance of mobile games localization

Mobile gaming is a billion-dollar global business. These days, people download highly sophisticated games from Google Play and App Store. Games make money for its developers, not to mention copyright owners. Even if the products are offered for free, publishers still make a great deal of money from in-app purchases. Given that the industry will… Read more »

3 Reasons Nokia X is good for Developers

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When Nokia announced in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress that they were building a phone using the Android OS, it took a lot of people by surprise. Having previously chosen the Windows Phone OS as its platform choice, it was a curious choice to pursue and Android device as the “commoditization risk” had previously been… Read more »

The Windows effect may be coming

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We have mentioned before that Microsoft Windows is definitely there in terms of developer mindshare. However, developer support towards iOS and Android is so dominant due to those platform’s reach, and for Android, it was also considered by developers to be the easiest to develop for: However, now it seems like Microsoft has been able… Read more »