How to create a great first impression with an onboarding experience

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The app onboarding continues to gain importance for marketers and businesses. The onboarding process defines the way the value of a new app can be explained to the users. But here the old saying “the first impression is the last impression” is truly effective.  It has been seen that the first impression often helps enticing… Read more »

App Store Distribution Growing in Importance

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The dominance of the iTunes store and Google Play continues to maintain a strong hold on the attention of most developers but we’re seeing the smart developers and publishers begin to look beyond these 2 marketplaces to drive incremental downloads for their applications. A recent whitepaper by mobile research specialists Research2Guidance titled “Smartphone App Market… Read more »

Should you sell your mobile app?

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You’ve spent months(?) slaving away creating the next cool app. You drop it in iTunes and/or Google Play and sit and wait. And wait. And wait. Chances are you will make very little money. Research from Vision Mobile has shown that most developers are disappointed with revenues (Do check out their latest Developer Economics report!… Read more »