There is lots of excitement about the revenue generated from Pokemon Go.  Sure, $1,6m per day or $200m in revenue in a month is nothing to shrug away, not is an expected $36,9bn in total mobile games revenue expected for 2016. But that is peanuts compared to expected growth in mobile gambling revenues.

How big is mobile gambling?

So how big is gambling on mobile? Figures vary. Interactive gambling is approximately a €35bn business according to iGamingbusiness. Out of that, approximately 30% or more is expected to be from mobile, so it would put it at app €10bn. However, Juniper predicted that over $60bn was wagered this year:

Total wager mobile gambling (Juniper)

(Source: Juniper)

The growth is expected to be staggering, largely attributable to changes in US regulation coming into play, as the US moves from fantasy sports to traditional gambling. The US market alone is expected to grow from $6bn wagered this year to $135bn wagered in 3 years.

Where can you find the apps?

So where can you find apps that involve gambling? Well Google is taking it slow, most likely due to the roll-out of US legislation on this. Alternative App Stores may be the way to go for anyone interested in these types of apps. Providers of betting related games, like online casino and the likes also allow direct downloads from their sites.  This market will no doubt be a very interesting one to follow in the next couple of years.

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