David Jones from Streethawk and Paul “The App Guy” Kemp are two very sharp minds in the mobile world. CodeNgo co-founder Chris Jones had a chat with both of them. The focus of course is about Alternative App Stores, and what alternative app stores can do for developers, but covers wide ranging topics from subscription models, China, payments and payment SDKs, pricing strategies and more.

For the App Guy interview, you can go on the site, and the interview with David Jones is below. Key takeaways are:

  • Utilities Apps are very well suited to many Appstores because they are globally in high demand.
  • These marketplaces are often easier for your App to be featured – so you increase user acquisition dramatically.
  • Cost per install campaigns (CPI) are now a more efficient method available in some of these stores. Run campaigns against a feature placement.
  • Apptoide allows users to create your own specialised store if you have a quality brand and a number of properties.
  • Managing feedback is critical, be proactive about that and use the ability in Google Play to respond or shift the conversation. Tools like HelpShift or Apptentive are examples of product that can help with that.


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