Mobile app deep linking is a great way to improve the user experience & also offer the very best user experience, but make sure that the customer’s links connects direct to WebPages where there are no logins required. Mobile app deep linking is the practice of using a URI link to specific pages or locations within a mobile app. It may be utilized in a variety of ways via notifications, email, SMS, social networking, etc. Website to App, App to App, Social Media to App, Search Result to App (using app indexing), Mobile Phone Search to App, Ad to App, E-mail to App and SMS to App etc. Deep linking indirectly increase user engagement. If you want, to be directed on a particular page or company’s Facebook Profile page.

by Ashish Goyal

Traditional Deep Links

Conventional Deep Links directs allow the users to displays app with the help of the app URL. It can be embedded in various channels such as emails, WebPages, social media articles, etc. and save a lot of time of the consumers by directing to specific and relevant content. The best benefit of mobile app deep linking is that it serves with relevant information without making them browse through different screens. They can access the content, simply by clicking on the hyperlink. For instance, when you’ve connected to something on your app from a website or a social media post, the users will be immediately directed to that specific location rather than the home screen of your app.

Improve Customer Engagement, Usage and Retention

By using the concept of deep linking, we can enhance customer participation and utilization. Additionally, it helps in re-engaging clients who’ve installed the app but haven’t visited it for quite a long moment. The users are approached through push notifications, which take them straight to the pages offering a range of interesting services and products, enabling users to re-engage together with the app.

Fetch a Higher Installation Rate

Now, if you link your app with the search results, your app will appear on the Google search results page. Clicking on the link will direct the users into the app store and they’ll download it before assessing the particular page on the app.

Establish a Link between Two apps

With heavy linking, you may set a connection between two apps easily. For instance, if you’ve got two gaming apps and one is a sequel to another, you can easily create a profound connection for directing people who have finished the first to the second app. This will allow your customers to conserve their time on searching for the sequel in the app shop and then downloading it.

Strengthen Your Marketing Campaign

It is possible to use the process of mobile app deep linking to drive higher earnings and earnings for your business. You may make a marketing campaign in which you’re providing a special discount of 20% on merchandise to a select group of users and send them along with deep links which direct them to the particular pages from where they are able to instantly purchase it.

Give Insight to Campaign Usefulness

The fact that deep links can pass data can basically assist you in knowing the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns launched by you personally. It is simple to learn about the resources, i.e. ads, social media articles, SMS, emails, etc.

Types of portable deep linking

Standard deep linking

Users direct connect to a particular part of your app with URI. The shortcoming with them is that they’ll only work if the user has the app installed on their apparatus. Otherwise, they will show the error page to the user.

Contextual deep linking

These can serve the functions of the above two kinds of deep linking, but also allow for more precise tracking and much better relevancy to customers. It’s more helpful for both developers and users; these links pass information to app through setup and allow not just better attribution but also personalized on boarding.

How Mobile Deep Linking Matters

Businesses now realize the worth of mobile deep linking to user experience, forcing engagement, improving the consumer on boarding process, promoting their apps, and much better tracking advertising campaigns.

Enhance the User Experience

Users are able to more easily access page through deep links, with essentially no navigation. They also function to specific screens to your app instead of the home screen; thus, if you are linking to something in your app from social media, a cell website, etc. users can navigate effortlessly to that content.

Re-Engage Users

When a user has your app installed but has been inactive for a period of time, you may use deep linking to guide them to particular content to promote usage, rather than the generic home screen. By way of instance, you might re-engage an individual by sending them a push notification that connects to an exclusive arrangement, a new attribute, or something different that will incentivize them to participate with the program again. Based upon your monetization strategy, deep linking can help to drive revenue and increase sales.

Boost App Discoverability

Google indexes mobile app deep hyperlinks, meaning that app content can show up in search engine results pages as a website. This raises the odds of users finding your app through hunt. Deep linking must think about the data hierarchy, structure, and logic of the app.

To make the experience easy, you want to ensure that deep links take users straight to the content with no logins needed. If you fail to define your architecture of the app, it is going to result in a poor user experience. Deep linking has become a vital part of good mobile app. The capability to improve the user experience, improve apps discoverability, increase downloads and retention, and even drive earnings make mobile deep linking valuable from both app developer and user standpoint.

Ashish Goyal is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Xtreem Solution, a leading mobile app development company. You can hire app developer form our dedicated professional team or developers. He loves to pen down his understanding and knowledge in a simplified and engaging manner. He is an early adopter, likes to stay up to date with the latest trends in the mobile and web industry, and add value to the organization. Besides this, He is fond of reading books, writing short stories, EDM music and football lover.




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