Anyone who travels for work or pleasure on a regular basis knows how much of a hassle it can be to find the perfect flight at the best rates. For the longest, the act of comparison shopping for airfare revolved around the concept of calling multiple airlines to see which ones had the best rates, or using an expensive travel agency to find the best deals. These days, though, technology has empowered everyone from casual travelers to experienced businessmen as they search for the best rates through a variety of mobile applications. Below, we will discuss four applications that can help you find the best rates on flights to and from anywhere in the world.


Known worldwide as one of the largest travel accommodation hubs, the KAYAK app for Android and iOS devices, gives users access to millions of great deals on flights, hotels and car rentals. If you need to find a quick flight, KAYAK’s advanced filtering features can pull last-minute deals for you to consider. Likewise, those with a finite amount of cash can quickly use the KAYAK roaming feature to see where they can travel for a certain amount. You will also be able to browse baggage fees, view your scheduled itinerary and access any and all airline contact information.


Whether you wish to book a reservation or simply compare rates between airlines, the Orbitz app is a definite top contender for its versatility and huge selection of flights. Available on both iOS and Android devices, the Orbitz app can be used to find hotels near your destination airport, to observe current flight status and booking details and even be utilized to find ‘Orbitz Mobile Steals’ – deals on airfare that can be up to 50% off regular price. With an array of airport-related tools integrated, you can check the status of your baggage, grab gate information and of course, the current status of your booked flight.


If your top priority is to save money on a flight, then Skyscanner is the best solution by far. With connections to thousands of discount airlines, Skyscanner combines these offerings into one easy-to-use app that displays more than 1,000,000 different flight routes worldwide. You will be able to compare discounted airfare, explore amenities and flight options for each offering, share flight details with friends and family via email and can be used in nearly thirty different languages. Available on the Android Marketplace, Skyscanner is a free download.


The CheapOair app for Android and iOS devices offers discounted prices on both flight and hotel accommodations. With options to browse various results by price, date, destination and number of stops, you can select the perfect flight without any compromise. Once you have made your reservations, you can use CheapOair to select your meal and seating preferences to ensure quick and accurate service once on the plane, and a packing list section allows users to create complex check-lists to ensure nothing is forgotten at home or while on vacation. CheapOair is a free download and can be found on the Android Marketplace and the iTunes Store.

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