Google has improved its Android app Store a lot in the past few years, but sometimes you need an alternative. For those times, here are 9 great Play Store alternatives that you should know about right now. While these alternatives may not provide you with all the functionality you may desire, they can come in handy in a number of ways.

Sometimes an app is not available in your region on the official App Store for Android and it is a very valid problem for many people. Thankfully, the Play Store alternatives do not segment their audience based on the region and provide apps to all of them.

Other times a country may have blocked Google services and the Android Play Store might not be readily accessible.

For developers, these alternate app stores offer another stream of revenue. If you are a developer and you’ve developed an Android app, you’d absolutely want to get extra eyeballs from these alternate app stores.

Some people also like to keep backups of apps in the form of APK files for later usage. The Play Store doesn’t allow us to download a backup of an app, instead, it automatically installs the app on your phone after downloading. So if you want to have a healthy collection of apps which are ready to be installed on any device you want, it is advisable to download them from one of these great PlayStore alternatives.

A word of caution, though, while these Storefronts are well-maintained and have a healthy collection of Android apps, there might be some malicious apps lurking on them.

To be honest, Google also doesn’t have a fail-proof method of detecting harmful apps on their Store but at least they take them down immediately after discovery.

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