Whether you are getting ready for the big day or are planning a proposal in the not so distant future, it helps to be prepared. So many different aspects of planning go into the traditional engagement process and it can be stressful if you do not have all of your ducks in a row when it comes to party planning, event bookings and the inevitable accessories that make this time in your life special. Many people used to hire wedding planners in order to handle all of these tasks, as information and the ability to organize was limited by technology. These days, however, it has become much easier to plan and organize through the use of technology, with mobile applications now playing a key role in the process. In the following article, we will discuss three must-have Android applications for wedding engagements and will explain how each one can help make the process easier.

Wedding and Engagement Rings

If you have not yet picked out your engagement and wedding rings, then there is a good chance that you have not yet popped the question. An engagement ring is the signifier that a commitment has been made and most people prefer to have an engagement ring ready from the start. Even if you do not wish to purchase an engagement ring, a wedding ring will ultimately be needed. The Wedding and Engagement Rings app for Android is a prime utility that can help make this process easier for those who need help with ring selection. Inside the app, users will find hundreds of unique and handcrafted rings that can help inspire and can be used as points of reference with local jewelers. Photos can also be easily shared with family and friends for a second (or third) opinion. Available for free, the Wedding and Engagement Rings app can be downloaded from Google Play.


Engagement Gifts

Whether you are a bride-to-be or someone who will be attending a wedding shower, the expectations of a gift for that special day is a given. Anyone who is invited to your wedding or otherwise is a close acquaintance will need to know the best way to gift you something: this is where the Engagement Gifts app can help. Users will be able to learn about the common events that occur during an engagement, how to pick out the proper gift, where to sign up for gift registries and much more. Available from Google Play, this free application can be a godsend for both those who are engaged and those who know someone who is.


Engagement 101

The final app on our list is Engagement 101, which can be downloaded for free from Google Play. Anyone who is planning to get hitched can gain valuable information from this application, which covers concepts such as wedding ring selection, registry planning and venue selection. Proposal ideas and tips for planning the perfect atmosphere can also be found within the app. A digital magazine can also be accessed through the app for more information.


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