With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be hard to find a time in the day in which you are not occupied or distracted. With so many mobile gadgets now incorporated into our modus operandi, several issues have arisen that often either put us in conflict with safety or require us to do some pretty difficult multitasking in order to be on top of everything. As mobile devices have evolved, however, their ability to interact with us – as opposed to our extremities – has increased. Voice and hands-free communication has become much more prevalent over the past decade, but standalone solutions were the only option for quite some time. In the following article, we will outline three mobile applications for Android devices that can be a godsend for those who need hands-free communication on a regular basis.


Texting while driving is not only dangerous to you, those in your vehicle and the world around you, but it is also illegal in many places. This bad habit used to be a bit more justifiable, as those with mobile phones would have to pull over somewhere in order to read and respond to their messages – not practical. Fortunately, that excuse no longer exists due to apps like HFT. This hands free texting app for Android devices is one of the most effective ways to handle your SMS communications. Users can hear the names or numbers of those who have sent texts, hear the texts as they are read aloud, and can respond to them via their own voices.  HFT works with mobile phones alone and with Bluetooth devices, so you can get the most from the program in any situation. You can download HFT from Google Play for $0.99.



Depending on the type of Android device you have, you may need a hands-free add-on in order to take advantage of modern technology. The Handsfree application is perfect for transmitting voice to and from a wireless or wired device such as a headset while out on the road or while you are otherwise occupied. This will permit you to answer incoming calls and keep your hands free for other activities. You can also toggle certain specifications like the amount of time the app will wait before answering the call and automatic answering while roaming. Available for free via Google Play, the Handsfree application may be the perfect, basic utility you need for hands-free voice communication.


Choice Dialer Plus

If you want to navigate your contacts and make phone calls via your voice alone, then the Choice Dialer Plus app is one of the best free solutions currently available. Users can execute many different commands with the application, some of which include the ability to dial any contact, play your favourite music tracks, send and dictate texts, update social media and more. It also can work with any Bluetooth headset on Android devices upgraded to at least version 2.2, so you will be able to use this app either through speaker phone or wireless accessory.


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