Any act of construction is no easy task. It takes incredibly talented engineers, months of planning and preparation, and the perfect set of tools. Several years ago, two of the most important and necessary tools that you could possibly have were a pen and a book of paper. Today, however, the pen and paper duo has been replaced by digital technology. There are now mobile apps for every area of construction that not only accomplish what the old tools could, but the tools of today can do much, much more. Many of them can also be easily downloaded from the Google Play store directly to your Android device. Most commonly, property developers will need to make sketches of all types. Here are three apps that will help you do just that.


When you are on the job, you do not want to have to carry around several notebooks just so that you will have a sketch out of each one of them. This app offers a solution to that problem: digital storage. All you need is your Android phone. Rilievo is a beautiful app that allows you to instantly sketch any layout you need for a project. Its simple interface, as well as the ability to take a screenshot of your design, makes the app a joy to use. You also can – depending on your quality of vision – edit the size of the in-app text to your preference. All you have to do is download, open, and tap away! The app is only $3.74, and it is definitely worth it with its rating of 4.6!

AutoCAD 360

From the makers of the incredibly popular desktop software comes the mobile version: AutoCAD

 360. The first thing to notice about this app is that it has a great 4.3 rating, and it is absolutely free! Yes, that is right: the mobile version of the desktop software, which costs thousands of dollars, is totally free. With the mobile version available from Google Play on Android devices, you have the ability to open 2D and 3D drawings uploaded to your free AutoCAD account online, use the GPS on your phone to move around your 3D model, create new models, and much, much more. The creators of AutoCAD also offer upgrade packages starting at $4.99 a month for AutoCAD Pro, and they offer AutoCAD Pro Plus for $99.99 per year.

Lets Construct Suite

Lets Construct Suite is an app designed specifically for the quintessential, professional developer. This app is full of construction-specific calculators. Do you need to know what load a certain beam of steel can support? This app has got you covered. Along with several other calculators, it also has other apps built in to quickly test simple constructions, such as Frame Design, Weld Design, Beam Design, and many more. It will show you exactly how certain designs will handle certain pressures and much more. It has received an average review of 4.3 stars and accordingly has an $8.99 price tag. It is a great app no matter what project and should definitely be tucked into every professional’s pocket.

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The author of this post, Jenny Wadlow, is a part of the team at Ultra, a company that specializes in property development approvals. She likes to indulge in yoga and pilates to stay fit. Follow her on Twitter @JennyWadlow.

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