It is no exaggeration to say that if you have a deep hunger to be the best, you need to press forward and not be concerned with what will happen tomorrow. This is the success mantra often heard in today’s digital arena, and if not followed, you will disappear in the thousands of unnamed businesses that exist as ghosts on the web and with no visibility or ranking on app stores or search engines. Nobody really wants to be in such a situation, which has resulted in companies deploying a major focus on mobile app development and publishing in the past few years. And, studies show that the intense focus on apps will continue into the future.

by Ashni Sharma 

You should not be surprised tomorrow morning if you will see a competing startup you never heard of suddenly appear in rankings and search results. And it could very well be that the startup is using the same keywords you are! In such situation, you may find yourselves wondering what to do next. Don’t panic as this post has a solution.

To understand how to get ahead, you need to understand trends in mobile app development, and how they apply to you. Let’s take a look at trending ideas you could apply in your mobile business app:

  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a fresh way to enhance web page load time in mobile devices. It can result in a smart way to boost your conversion, improve bounce-rate and CTR, retain visitors, provide better user experience and high-end mobile search engine visibility. AMP can be equally advantageous for both developers and online businesses.

  1. Cloud-based Development

Most of the mobile app development companies are approaching cloud-based app development technology to get a streamlined operation, collaboration and improved business results. An app developed by the cloud-based approach can fetch data from the cloud thereby reducing the internal memory load.

  1. Business Bots

According to a study, Chatbots are gaining wide popularity in the mobile app market at a CAGR of 37.11% and are expected to reach USD 6 Billion by 2023. Chatbots, when combined with mobile apps, render a stimulating customer interaction for multifarious businesses. Some of the famous chatbots developed in 2017 are PONCHO (A Weather Forecaster), MELODY( The Doctor) and ENO (Your Financial Assistant). A basic reason to adopt this technology is to improve customer interaction, sales, and user engagement.

  1. Wearable apps

The introduction of smartwatches and other connected wearables have together combined to create a greenfield market for technology. A majority of these devices can provide many standalone features to users but often require some mobile app support. Users generally prefer wearable devices to run in sync with their mobile phones so that they can easily access data or interact with the device.

  1. Internet of Things

Internet of Things or IoT makes use of sensor technologies to enable automation, remote control and monitoring in non-IT devices. Developers are often more prone to opt for the most trendy choice when it comes to remote devices. A large number of IoT devices use mobile devices to syndicate data. The surge in the overall use of IoT has resulted in more mobile apps created for the management of these devices.

  1. Blockchain

Blockchain has gained huge popularity in the past few years as the infrastructure behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It can be used widely by developers as an incorruptible digital ledger by to create financial apps, which will no doubt have an impact in 2018. Developers will leverage the shared and incorruptible digital ledger to make a sorted list of a variety of financial transactions and record transaction history. In enterprise mobile app development, developers can make use of blockchains to enhance app security and data by minimizing all possibilities of data tampering. They can further customize it to record a list of sensitive and valuable transactions.

  1. Augmented and virtual reality

The concept of augmented reality and virtual reality technologies has gone a beyond the areas of gaming and entertainment. AR allows products to be showcased in detail through a visual experience. Moreover, companies can train their employees in an interactive way to enhance productivity.

Virtual reality works along a similar track to showcase products in virtual showrooms with a 3D vision without consuming much space. Here, a blend of photography and technology can be smartly used for promotion of products and services in an interactive manner.

  1. On-demand mobile apps

On-demand mobile apps cannot be left out when it comes to discussing the prominent trends of today. The major reason is that they make our life easier. We can use these apps as and when required, at our own convenience. Major categories of on-demand apps include food ordering apps, car cleaning apps, renting apps, taxi services, laundry service and many more. Startups are working on maximizing the benefits utilizing this proactive mobile app development trend. Some examples of popular on-demand mobile apps are Uber, Airbnb, Grubhub and Peapod.

In summary

The rapid pace with which technology is changing is giving rise to the adoption of new trends and tactics for developers. This is why mobile apps are occupying a big mindshare in the digital economy due to their encompassing capabilities. Gone are the days when businesses think of only having a website representing their brand. Now, mobile apps are not only an investment opportunity but also a necessity. As a developer, if you can target a few of the concepts that have been discussed in this post, it will be easier to get more out of your apps to move your business forward.

About the Author

This post has been written by Ashni Sharma who is a professional mobile app developer at AppsChopper, a predominant niche mobile app development company. The author has a great interest in writing technical articles related to the hottest app development trends in the marketplace. Her major intent is to provide every business person the essential app development insight that he or she is looking for.

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