Venture capitalist and prolific marketing blogger Eric Seufert shares his insights into online advertising, ATT, Cambridge Analytica and more

by Liz Rustia

Eric Seufert

In the article “Eric Seufert and the online advertising economy” from Contagious, Seufert discusses the impact of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) on online advertising and shares his thoughts on what the future holds.

Seufert is a former analyst and marketer who took an interest in freemium business models just as they began to take hold within the digital economy. After jobs at mobile gaming companies – including Rovio, which made Angry Birds – Seufert built a mobile marketing analytics platform, Agamemnon, which he sold in 2017, and now he invests in mobile advertising and gaming startups through his fund, Heracles Capital.

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In the interview with Eric Seufert, he expresses his support for greater transparency and diversity in the online advertising industry, as well as his critique of dominant players like Facebook and Google. He considers the implementation of ATT a significant development that provides users with more control over their data and is a positive step towards respecting user privacy. Nonetheless, he acknowledges that the true impact of the changes is still uncertain.

Seufert suggests that the implementation of ATT could lead to a further concentration of advertising on major platforms that have their own first-party data, and advertisers may need to be more inventive in their use of data to ensure privacy-friendly approaches, such as contextual advertising. He advocates for a shift towards a more user-centric approach that values transparency and privacy while emphasizing the importance of creating engaging and valuable experiences for users instead of solely relying on data-driven targeting. In Seufert’s view, the industry must evolve to stay relevant and sustainable in the long term.

Seufert anticipates that there will be more fragmentation in the online advertising industry as advertisers seek out new strategies to reach consumers in the post-ATT era. He suggests that this could result in a resurgence of channels like email marketing and direct mail, as well as new opportunities for publishers and content creators who can offer contextual advertising opportunities.

Overall, Seufert views ATT as a positive development for consumers, while acknowledging that it poses challenges for advertisers and publishers in the short term. He believes that the industry will adapt and that those who can effectively navigate the changing landscape will discover new opportunities.

You can read the whole article here.

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