Services like CodeNgo are one way to get you a few steps ahead of your competition. You’ll maximize the numbers of eyeballs that potentially see and download your app. Something is still missing though in your worldwide equation. It’s time to give back to the community who likely made your iPhone or Android phone and release your app in China.

by Max,

Making money in China with apps

We’ve listed out 5 things you should know to embark on publishing your apps in China:

1)      App Size Is Crucial

Tons of the users in China only have access to 2G at the most, so your bloated 50mb+ apps would not be a great fit. Android drives over 80% of the revenue, so focus on getting that apk really tiny.

2)      Register a Hong Kong Corporation

This is the easiest way for you to get a license to do business with the different app stores and payment processors that you will need without having to expose your business too much.  There are services that will allow your company to register a Hong Kong company online.

3)      Intellectual Property Theft

If your app is popular, your IP might already be in China. You’ll need to be aggressive with the stores in order to get them to take down your apps. We’ve read a better strategy is to send them the legal documents required to prove that you own the app and have them re-route all traffic and rankings (if positive) to your new listing.

4)      Focus on the 10 Biggest App Stores

We’ve put together a List of Chinese App Stores (China) to help you focus your publishing efforts.

5)      Use a Publisher

If you’re not willing to open up 10 separate accounts + payment processing, check out services like Appigniter, AppInChina, Yodo1, Chukong, or Dreamsky. They might cost a lot , but they’ll help you your app into China and take care of all the payment processing headaches.


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