So, you’ve officially launched your baby into this world. A world filled with sorrow, wonder, love, joy, and thrill, it is often difficult to nourish your baby without taking meticulous care of him. But, before you call for the celebration, you need to take some rapid-actions which will make it easy for your baby to mingle in the over-crowded world of apps.

What to do after launching an app. Guest post by Mohammad Ali from Branex.

by Mohammad Ali

Firstly, you need to stop treating your app as an app, instead of from this moment onwards you should start treating the app as a business. The thing with business is that you need to learn the art of attracting customers to your business, you need to make sure that your app appears in the search result of Google, and finally, your app needs to reach out to your target market.

  • Celebrate the birth of your baby

In south-east Asia, there is this concept of throwing a party on the birth of a kid to let people know that parents are happy about the birth. The same ritual can be applied to your mobile app. No, you don’t need to throw a party you need to introduce your product to the people.

It is not just about telling people about your product, it is about asking them for genuine feedback.

In a study done by Apptentive, it was concluded that more than 55% of the customers stop using an app if the customer feedback is not given any value.

Avoid the agony – the distress of customers by long feedback forums. A tiny email will just do the trick.

Just let your friends and family members know that you’ve launched an app and ask them for their feedback. The good thing about family and friends is that they will provide you with honest feedback. They will criticize and love the app for what it is.

An honest feedback will help you celebrate the birth of your app for the right cause. Try it out and see how things turn out.

  • Optimize the title and description of your app

The mobile app downloads for the year 2017 was estimated to around 197 billion.

The stats won’t matter much to you if you are just another mobile app user. But, if you’re a mobile app development company this stat will force you to think of optimizing your app for the app store.

The easiest and fastest way to optimize your mobile app is to start with the title and mobile app description of the app.

Jump-start your mobile app keyword research by Neil Patel’s brilliant blog post.

Once you’re done with the research you have to include those keywords in your title and the app description.

One thing that you need to ensure when writing description of your app is to write the description for the human, not for the search engine.  Of course, you can add keywords to the search engine, but try to make it long-tail and in a subtle way.

  • An in-app review pop-up

If you fear of taking direct feedback from the users by messaging each of your friends, you can always add an in-app pop-up review for the user.

Asking common people to review your app will help you get a different perspective from the people that are non-technical.

Using this simple technique Twitter improved it’s rating from a poor 2.5 to grand 4.5 in just a month’s time.

Furthermore, you will get the feedback from a common user and based-upon that feedback you can iterate your app.


  • Go for a consistent improvement strategy

Just getting the feedback is the easy part. The hard part is using that feedback to gain something valuable.

Your feedback is a great way to help you improve the retention rate of your mobile app.

In a study, it was revealed that only 24% of the people abandon the app just after using the app only once.

You cannot afford the luxury of losing that much customers. Your app or your business needs to bloom with new customers every single day. You need to work on mending and evolving your app for the betterment of your customers. And of course along the way making some money out of it.

For the final touches

No matter how naughty your baby turns out to be. You’ll always work on nourishing your baby with good values. Same goes for your mobile app.

No matter how much critics love your app, it is the customers who will decide the future of your mobile app. Work on fixing the bugs in your mobile app before the users get fed-up by your app.

It is necessary to take care of your app before the judgment day happens.

Whatever your result maybe, there is no shame in failing and trying again. After all, failure is the gateway to ultimate success.


Guest author Mohammad AliMohammad Ali is an experienced digital marketer and a search engine marketing specialist who is currently associated with Branex, as senior digital marketer and brand strategist.

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