When you get into programming, you expect to spend your workdays doing, well, programming. Yet, once you start working as an app developer, you’ll soon notice that you need much more than coding talent to succeed.

by Misty Blais

As your career advances, you will have more responsible duties to handle. Your tasks won’t end on managing your team and corresponding with clients. Your job would demand excellent communication capabilities in both verbal and written forms.

Reading about apps

Competent app developers have plenty to benefit from honing their writing skills. Here are a few reasons why you should start taking writing seriously.

You Will Have to Impress Your Customers

For any app to sell, you need compelling copywriting to convince potential customers. Whether you are working for a company or freelancing, copywriting skills will help you boost any business.

Today, content writing services such as EssayPro can ease that burden for you. As much as other writers can contribute, there is no one better than the creator to convey the journey of your app. Your creative writing skills would come in handy to express your brand image to the audience.

There is Plenty of Writing in Coding

Writing code that is clear and easily understood by computers and people is a valued skill. Not every programmer can achieve this. You will be dealing with programmers of different levels. Often, the right word choice could win you the proper code structure.

Additionally, app developers also have to handle the paperwork at some point. You will be doing bug reports, commenting on codes, and documenting technical aspects as part of your job. Writing becomes an indispensable part of the job, no matter your current designation.

You Will Need to Influence and Persuade With Your Ideas

Every mobile app begins with an idea. As asserted in the  Importance of Good Business Writing Skills, in a professional environment, the ideas are not worth much until they are expressed clearly and positively. The ability to sell your idea is a valuable tool, one much coveted in the tech field.

Much like any other design, developers have to work with teams with different interests. There will be negotiations and situations you can handle only through written communication. This is where cultivating your writing skills would gain you the clarity of thought. It will enable you to structure your arguments to get your point through to others.

Writing for apps

You Will Have to Explain Complex Codes to Others

When working with complex programming, the ability to deliver information clearly to others will set you apart. Sometimes, you’ll have to communicate with team members who are not familiar with the jargon. They could be investors, hiring managers, or even the marketing team.

Developers who can help other people by effectively conveying the message are valuable assets to the team and organization.

Writing Will Help You Land Jobs

Tech recruiters look beyond your coding expertise while looking for the right fit. Soft and transferable skills, including effective communication, are always a strong point that will help you shine during an interview. But, to reach the interview stage, you have to present your strengths in the application.

Your creative writing skills are certainly an ace up the sleeve. Whip up a dazzling resume or a cover letter to impress the hiring manager right away.

Moreover, today, tech writing is an emerging industry. Tech writers are high in demand, and bloggers are always eager to hire consultants who can help them deliver coding in layman terms. A tech blog could show proof of your expertise on a subject, much better than your resume.

You Can Shine in Content Marketing

If you want to develop and launch your mobile app, you will need more than investors and brilliant ideas. That is where content marketing comes into play. Entrepreneurs among app developers will have to work their marketing skills, and writing is an inevitable tool here.

On average, users spend 5.59 seconds to scan the written content of a webpage. Out of this, only 16 percent read word by word. Most of them just scan through the text. This makes the job of content marketers much harder. They have to combine the right techniques that would hold the viewer’s attention. The same applies to developers as well.

Effective Writing Goes Hand in Hand With Effective Coding

When it comes to programming, it is evident that one skill set does not tick all the boxes. Ultimately, regardless of your profession, the core of creative writing skills remains the same. It reflects the ability to communicate an idea with clarity and with force. Improving in the writing department will help you convert leads to clients, form better communication, and thrive in business.

For developers, writing is not an extra skill, but a necessary one. After all, your primary means of input is writing.

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