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A lot of people worldwide enjoy playing video games. For some, it’s a hobby, for others distraction and some – a life. If you are a game developer or a professional gamer, you are surely following all the innovations that are happening in the Gaming Industry.

by Thomas Glare

Have you ever wondered where, in fact, lies the future of the video and mobile gaming industry? Some people think the answer is in augmented and virtual reality, faster gameplay, or better graphics. However, none of these are correct.

The future of the Gaming Industry is in crypto gaming or, more precisely, blockchain technology. Crypto gaming is a new tech concept that will undoubtedly be interesting for gamers whether they are playing games like book of ra gratis, other online casino games, or something else.

In this text, we will discuss what is the crypto Gaming Industry and how it will impact gamers, developers, and everyone involved.

Crypto Gaming Industry

Talking about Crypto gaming, the most critical thing that you need to know is the difference it brings compared to other ways of gaming.
In general, gamers are paying to play games. Whether you are playing mobile or video games, you need to buy the game and other items that are relevant to it.

The difference with Crypto gaming is that players can make money while playing games, and this is the main reason why this can change the Gaming Industry in general.

Playing games is anyway addictive, as we all know. Add to it the possibility to earn some money, and you will see that as the rewards start to feel more material, the level of addiction will rise.

When people run into at least one game that will occupy their attention and realize that by playing it, they can also earn instead of just spending money, there will be turning back. It doesn’t mean that other games where you just play for fun without creating any kind of profit will disappear. However, those games where making the dough is possible will make the Gaming Industry flourish.

Crypto gaming

Other Aspects


Game developers and companies need a safe and secure environment to create and get profit from video and mobile games. With platforms like Blockchain, this is guaranteed because they use highly developed technology to secure all the transactions made with cryptocurrencies.

Hackers are helpless here because they cannot destroy serves, not delete or change the transactions because all the data is distributed in a shared way. This is fantastic for Bitcoin gambling but also for developers who now can use a perfectly safe environment to work on creating games.

Easier In-Game Purchases

When you are making transactions fiat currency, you need to wait for the third party to process it, and this can be frustrating because sometimes you need to wait for 2- 3 days. Blockchain, on the other hand, allows you to buy in-game collectibles immediately and without any fuss. Also, the absence of intermediaries means that you are not paying any fees, which is a piece of fantastic news for all popular mobile games players.

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People Can Easily Trade In-Game Assets

With the development of the crypto Gaming Industry, trade with tokens will be much easier. Because blockchain is designed with user security in mind, each user has a password for their digital wallet, called private key. You can buy and sell crypto tokens quickly, with your assets being safely stored in a digital wallet.

It is also important to say that while being safe – when you decide to use one cryptocurrency, you have to stick to it to avoid any potential problems. Additionally, you should do all the transactions on the platform and avoid visiting any other websites.

Interoperable Profiles

Creating games on blockchain allows players the possibility to use their specific addresses from one realm to another. This is possible because all who are making a trade with cryptocurrencies have public addresses, and transactions can be done over different networks.

Financial Potential

More and more companies in the Gaming Industry are starting to use the opportunities that Bitcoin and Blockchain offer and they love it, mainly because of the security and the fact that all transactions are peer to peer. Besides that, if you take the consideration of the current statistics, it looks like cryptocurrencies have the potential to make significant revenue to the companies in the Gaming Industry.


It that crypto will make considerable changes in the Gaming Industry, and the fact that everyone will benefit in some way will significantly contribute to its success.   We hope that you found this article interesting and informative. We are pretty sure that entrepreneurs and developers of crypto games have many exciting surprises for us. Have you ever before heard about crypto gaming, and do you have any experiences with it?

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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Thomas Glare is a passionate writer, and he has been writing for different blogs and web portals for years. He is very interested in online casino games and Bitcoin.

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