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Increasing App Discoverability within BlackBerry World

If you plan on increasing discoverablilty of your application choosing an application name is very important. Not because of your app but because of everyone else’s. For instance, a search for calculator displays almost 5,000 results! The app name must stand out to grab a user’s attention and should follow these basics:

  • Don’t Duplicate: Do a quick search (outside of BlackBerry World) to ensure other entities are not already using the name of your app, or even worse, have it trademarked!
  • Be Authentic: Adding Insta or Flappy to your app name denotes a certain phoniness to the app. Original is better.
  • Be Clear: It should be obvious what the app does.
  • Pronounceability: Users should be able to easily repeat the name of your app. Use caution when creating new words to ensure they are not difficult to say.
  • Typography: Stick to CamelCase, such as BlackBerry. Avoid lowercase or ALL CAPS.
  • Compound Words: use to pair the function of an app with a word that enhances it. Think of Evernote, Dropbox and PicStory

Visual recognition is also an important factor. The Application Icon is the image that appears on the BlackBerry World Storefront and is the first visual of the app. If app functionality is unclear from its name, users will depend on the icon and short description for this information.

Short descriptions appear when the product displays in a list, category or search result. It should quickly outline the basic functionality of the app. Now that your app has finally been selected it is time to tell the apps story through its screenshots and description. Screenshots: Note the Device Screen Sizes and follow these guidelines:

  • Place the best screenshot first. Entice the user to scroll forward.
  • Don’t place a screenshot inside a BlackBerry device
  • Take screenshots from the target device whenever possible
  • Avoid screenshots filled with text or marketing materials
  • Only add graphic overlays when necessary to explain the image
  • Don’t reference pricing: local currency prices can be misleading

Long Description: The description is the final selling point of your app. It should be clear, concise, and appealing to your target audience. The description should focus on content rather than keywords.

  • Optimize the first lines before “More Description” with what your app does and why it will benefit the user. Use adjectives such as awesome, or addicting. Already have a large user base? Call it out here!
  • Be honest. Talk about the benefits but be factual of the app’s capabilities. Do not mislead users.
  • Details: List achievements and features in bullet form. If it’s going to be long, break it down into sub-headings with proper spacing. Leave out anything that is unnecessary.


  • Choose your keywords wisely. You are limited to 10 keywords, which can be up to 3 words each (i.e. BBM Connected Apps).
  • Avoid overused keywords. Think of synonyms or other ways users may search for their content. It’s better to be in the top 10 of average searches than 100th in common searches.
  • Don’t use third-party trademarks.

Featured Image:

  • The featured image for your product displays on the Featured Items screen in BlackBerry World, known as the Carousel.
  • The image must be a 1920×1186 pixel .PNG file.
  • Similar to the icon, the Featured Image is the first visual of an app. Ensure images are vibrant and display functionality of the app.
  • Similar to screenshots, avoid use of a BlackBerry device.

Featuring on BlackBerry World


Featured applications are applications available on the forefront of BlackBerry World. Whether on mobile or desktop, these apps appear when a user launches BlackBerry World. This featuring leads to great front-of-the-line exposure for applications and their developers.

The obvious feature spotlight is the BlackBerry Carousel. This large banner at the top of BlackBerry World provides a great first-look at individually featured apps.

Next, we have Grouped Featuring. Found only on mobile, directly under the carousel, this section allows for similar apps to be featured together. This includes Apps for Business, Travel, Games, Sports, Utilities, Globally Relevant Events (New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Summer, Christmas) and so much more!

For more information, please see: Getting Your App on the BlackBerry World Carousel

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