With tough economic times more of the rule than the exception, millions of people have suddenly found themselves with a variety of different debts. Between credit cards, student loans, IOUs and personal loans, the amount of debt present these days is higher than ever. In the past, debt was less common but also more difficult to track and determine – with interest payments accounting for several percentage points of your overall debt in most cases, these charges can add up over time. As technology has evolved, more and more people have been able to take advantage of tools that can clarify their debt situations and help them keep track of what they owe. If you want to be more financially responsible but need a bit of help, then continue reading to learn more about three Android apps designed to empower your ability to tackle that debt.

IOU – Debt Manager

When in the thralls of debt, we may often need to rely on the financial assistance of friends and family in order to make ends meet. This can be a bit embarrassing even if we are transparent about our situations, but it no longer has to be something that is difficult to monitor. There are many apps that can help users track their loans and IOUs, and the IOU – Debt Manager app is one of these solutions. Available on Google Play for free, IOU – Debt Manager allows users to create individual entries for borrowed money and track the progress of repayment. Users can sync this information to the cloud, export via spreadsheet, configure email reminders to ensure timely repayment and see the overall amount of money currently owed. Perfect for those who have multiple loans and IOUs outstanding, this Android app is a definite and valuable addition to your mobile device.


Debt Tracker

Another great way to keep tabs on expenses and owed amounts is the Debt Tracker app for Android devices. Available for free, this stylish application provides its users with an easy to use interface that tracks all expenditures and can create reports for later analysis. When you need to find a specific expense or debt, you can quickly search by name or view a list of all added items. Users can also add photos to each item in order to remember more clearly what the expense in question comprised. With options to categorize debts by lender or by type, you can stay on top of all of your expenses via the Debt Tracker app.


Debt Consolidation Pro

If you want to find a solution for all of the current debt you possess but need a bit of assistance, then the Debt Consolidation Pro app may be just the thing for you. Available for free, Android users can download this app from Google Play. The app functions as a step-by-step guide that will request specific information from you and help put you in contact with various debt consolidation agencies that can help work out plans for long-term financial sustainability. If you currently have thousands of dollars in debt and cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, then the Debt Consolidation Pro app may be a valuable tool to have by your side.


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