The tradition of marriage is a long and storied affair that pre-dates many religions and cultures. In the past, much of the fanfare went into gifts and exchanges rather than the pomp and circumstance that we have become accustomed to in recent history. Nevertheless, weddings are an important part of most people’s lives and ensuring that each detail is perfect is paramount for many who want to remember such a beautiful occasion forever. Finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes is not only necessarily for the bride, but also for bridesmaids and other attendees. Especially helpful if you need to coordinate a certain style, there are various apps now available to help you select the perfect style for any type of wedding. Below, we will outline three of these apps and detail their benefits for proper wedding shoe selection.

Wedding Shoes

The perfect pair of shoes can really bring out the entire wedding ensemble, so it is important that you choose carefully and have as large of a selection to consider as possible. Thankfully, several mobile apps now offer enough creative power for you to do this. The Wedding Shoes app for Android devices is a great solution that provides hundreds of popular wedding shoe ideas in the form of high definition images. Users can peruse various designs, save them to their memory cards or even share them with their wedding planner or family. Available on Google Play for free, the Wedding Shoes app is a powerful yet simple tool that will help you make the best decision possible. Even if you one day regret your marriage, you won’t regret the shoes you wore that day!

Wedding Shoes Design

Another great way to explore all of your options, the Wedding Shoes Design app is a portable and Android-based solution for wedding shoe shopping and brainstorming. Available via Google Play for free, this app comes packed with dozens of different wedding shoe images that can be used to help you coordinate with wedding planners and designers in order to achieve the optimal pair of shoes for the occasion. When you find several images that you’d like to consider, you can then save them to your phone or email them to friends and family. Perfect for those who want to customize every facet of their special day, you will not regret the simple and free help provided by the Wedding Shoes Design app.

Women Shoes

Last but not least, the Women Shoes app may be yet another excellent app to consider for your wedding day. Available from Google Play for free, this application can be used to browse a variety of different categories of shoes – some of which are perfect for your wedding, while others may be better for other occasions. Any desired styles can be downloaded and shared with your friends, family and wedding planners in order to ensure that you’ve made the best decision. If you are stuck without an idea for the best wedding footwear, then download the Women Shoes app and give it a whirl!

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Nathan Skinner, the author of this post, works at Walk’N Comfort, a provider of custom made shoes in Toronto. He likes to keep up with the latest smartphone apps and suggests the good ones through his blog posts.

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