From Samsung:

Dear Seller
Thank you for using Samsung Apps Seller Office; we deeply appreciate your support for our service.The changes detailed below will be introduced as part of our ongoing commitment to service improvement.
1. New payment options added
– PayPal, QIWI, and WebMoney will be available as payment methods for Android in some countries.


Payment Method

Supported national



U.K, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia These options will be displayed when credit card is available as a payment option


Russia These options will be displayed when payment is available.


Japan These options will be displayed when credit card is available as a payment option
※ The payment methods are displayed when registering/updating paid applications, and the default payment option is different for each country.
2. IAP Improvement
– Improvements to In-App Purchase have been made for Seller Office.
In the past, applications had to be re-certified whenever the item price for In-App Purchase was changed, but from now on, this re-certification is no longer required Promotional strategies related to applications and items can now be implemented quickly and efficiently, as there is no need for re-certification after changing the item price. If you have an opinion regarding this function, please leave your feedback through the customer support menu in Seller Office.
Also, we hope that you will continue to support and use ‘In-App Purchase 2.0’, which we introduced in June. In-App Purchase 2.0 has the following advantages.
– It offers three types of items for users to choose from during development: consumable, non-consumable, and subscription.
– Non-consumable items that were previously purchased can be recovered after the application is re-installed, provided that the purchase history for the account can be verified.
– Items can be purchased in the USA. With In-App Purchase 2.0, American users can buy items from within applications by using their credit cards.
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