While it has only been around for about twenty years, mixed martial arts have become an insanely popular form of combat training, exercise and defense for millions of people all over the world. In some respects, ancient forms of mixed martial arts have existed for thousands of years, but the refined techniques in modern MMA have helped make it possible across cultures and continents. Anyone who is well-connected to technology should know that it has changed the way we do virtually everything, and there is no exception to this rule when it comes to training and learning how to fight. Mobile applications are the most common way in which technology is providing us with a world of information, and the following article will cover three MMA applications that are perfect for those just starting their journey into the sport.

MMA Trainer Lite

Mixed martial arts can be a rough sport and are not suitable for everyone. Many people may want to first test the waters and see how well their bodies can hold up to its grueling challenges – let’s face it, it’s much less embarrassing to admit defeat in your own living room than in an MMA class. This is where an app like MMA Trainer Lite can be so valuable. Designed to be a pocket-sized coach, the app will create random MMA workouts for the user and call out specific instructions to the user during training sessions. You will be able to calibrate the round length, the number of rounds and the amount of rest provided between each round, which helps keep you on track during any training session. Currently available for both Android and iOS devices, MMA Trainer Lite is a free download.


MMA Underground

Many people who first become interested in mixed martial arts will feel confused by some of the technical terms and phrases used by professionals and select MMA media outlets. One of the best ways to overcome these hurdles is to immerse yourself in the world of MMA news and events – the more you read, see and hear, the more you will understand. Thankfully, apps like MMA Underground exist for this very purpose. Currently available for $1.99 via the Android Marketplace, this application exists solely to provide users with up-to-the-minute news and developments on all things MMA-related. You will be able to keep up with what your favorite MMA athletes are doing, see detailed stats on more than 20,000 fighters, view photos from recent prominent fights and access the Underground MMA Forums – all of which are valuable tools for anyone who wishes to learn more about MMA.


Ultimate MMA Training+

Another excellent training application, Ultimate MMA Training + provides users with more than just simple training exercises. Included in the app are detailed features such as a proper diet and workout assessment, videos from interviews of key MMA fighters, pictures, training videos and the latest fight news. Currently available for free but usually $0.99, the Ultimate MMA Training+ application for Android devices helps connect budding MMA enthusiasts to all important MMA-related needs.


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