Many of us have lost our enthusiasm for driving because it just seems like an uphill struggle most of the time. The roads are full of cars and the situation is getting worse on a daily basis. More learner drivers are passing their tests and as a result we are seeing levels of congestion like never before. To make matters worse, there are millions of experienced drivers who seem to have forgotten most of the stuff that enabled them to get their license in the first place. Thankfully, Android have released some clever driving apps that promise to remedy some of this difficult situation that faces motorists every day. This article looks at a few of them and gives an unbiased review.

Canadian Driving Tests by Monologix Inc – Free

Our first Android driving app is a real corker that will help learner drivers and experienced ones at the same time. This ranked as the number one Driving Test App in Canada and rightly so! This application will help any driver to learn all about the present driving rules in Canada, and many experienced drivers could do with a thorough refresher course. It contains over 3200 province specific questions and covers every sign and rule you could imagine. Each test you take will automatically reshuffle the contents so you will never get the same sequence twice. You can take this test offline so you are never restricted to requiring an internet signal at any time. All of the questions are taken from the latest version of the Canadian rulebook and you will see exactly the same ones in the official theory test. The interface is extremely user friendly and very intuitive indeed. We love this app and believe it will be a real boon to those learning to drive and those who should know a little better!

I’m Driving by – Free

One of the biggest causes of driving related accidents is when the driver becomes distracted for whatever reasons. The cell phone tends to be a chief culprit and it can be so annoying when you are trying to concentrate and that pesky device just won’t stop ringing! Well that will no longer be an issue if you care to opt for a free download of this bad boy app! I’m Driving is an ingenious piece of software that has your safety at the forefront of its ‘mind’. When your buddies keep on calling your phone, they have no way of knowing that you are driving a vehicle. They may have some important news and will persist in calling you until you pick the darn phone up. This is where the I’m Driving app steps in with its size nines. It will automatically send any caller a pre-defined message to let them know you are otherwise engaged (driving).  You can select the option that only replies to people on your contact list if you’d rather not reply to unknown callers. We love this app and believe that it will reduce the amount of accidents on the Canadian roads, if you are interested please download it when you have a chance!

Android Loves Safer Roads!

So there you have it, 2 very cool Android Apps that are doing their bit for Canadian road safety!

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