If you work as a roofing contractor, an estate agent, a home inspector or as an estimator you may be very interested to know about the Roofing Calculator app. The app will help you to estimate both simple and complex steep slope roofs, as well as calculating costs such as labour, installation and materials. The app provides you with the ability to save any reports you have made, which can then be forwarded onto contractors or clients.

Handy Features of the Roofing Calculator

– You don’t have to worry about estimating the costs of separate roofs at one location. The app will add up a total of 10 separate roofs at any given location, therefore allowing you to calculate the entire roof areas and the materials that are required for the job.

– As soon as you make a calculation the details will be saved into a self-generated report. This allows you to review it at a later date, make certain modifications if required, and even send the details on to yourself or a client. This can be done in an extremely professional manner, as the report can be sent as a PDF or even with your company’s letterhead.

– The Roofing Calculator makes use of GPS, so no matter where you decide to use it, the details of your location will be saved and this information will also automatically be added to your report.

– You can ensure that your estimates are completely accurate, as the report will figure a wide variety of other costs, such as permits you may require, equipment to be used on the job, skip costs if required and even VAT or sales tax.

Where is the Roofing Calculator app available?

The Roofing Calculator app is available on both Apple and Android devices and will soon be making an appearance on the Blackberry Playbook tablet. The app is available for US$19.99. This may appear expensive compared with many other apps, but the amount of time and money you are likely to save using the app make this an absolute bargain.

Update Information

The app does require regular updating, but this is simply to add more and even better features. One such factor that the manufacturer is considering is to have a separate calculator for flat roofs and another calculator for metal roofs. Another feature that is currently being worked on is the ability to calculate cut-up roofs that feature numerous dormers and valleys. Basically, the manufacturer is taking note of all feedback received from contractors and other app users to ensure that they have one of the best products available in the marketplace.

Roofingcalculator.org is the company’s official website and they provide full demonstrations of how the app works, as well as access to both iPhone and Android platforms should you wish to purchase the app. They have also added a discussion forum to the website, therefore allowing users to discuss the workings of the app and its many brilliant and helpful features.


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