The act of replacing any type of floor may seem like a burdensome chore to many. With so many home owners unfamiliar with the process of removing and installing new floor coverings, the majority seek the services of a contractor – which can be very expensive and take much more time than anyone expected. These days, though, technology is helping shrink the learning curve between contractors and home owners thanks to a variety of mobile applications available for download. For those who are interested in laying tile, continue reading to find out about four must-have applications to get the job done.


Planning a new bathroom floor or simply want to liven up another room of the home? With the TilePlanner app for Android, you can now gauge the exact amount of tile that will be needed before heading to the home improvement warehouse. For use in rectangular rooms, TilePlanner will quickly assess the square footage of any room and provide an accurate number of needed tiles based on the projected width and length of each one. The app will also provide an estimated amount of loss, so you are sure not to come up short in the middle of a project. You can download the TilePlanner app for free on the Android Marketplace.

Tile Calculator

Tile is often popular on floors, but many people enjoy tiled walls as well. Regardless of preference, the Tile Calculator is another way in which you can be sure that the materials you have purchased will be enough for the job. With options for both metric and imperial measurements, an option to fetch quotes for the cost of materials and customized tile gap options, you will be able to accurately determine the number of tiles needed for any bathroom, wall or patio. Currently available on the Android Marketplace, you can purchase the Tile Calculator for $2.00.


Those who wish to learn the basics of installing tile can benefit greatly from the ProTileHelper app, available for free on all Android devices. Inside this app, you will be able to find dozens of tutorials on how to install tile in floors and on walls, as well as helpful advice on grout, cutting and any stonework that will be incorporated into the larger project. Rather than pay a contractor hundreds of even thousands of dollars to do the work for you, an app like ProTileHelper can put you in control of your handiwork and finances.

USG Tile and Flooring Solutions

If you are seeking additional information on select tiles, then the USG Tile and Flooring Solutions app is a great selection. Available for free via the Android Marketplace, the app provides an array of details on hundreds of different tiles that include installation guides, warranty information and photos on how to properly place and configure tile. With large color images available for inspection, you can also window-shop while you gain the best advice for each potential type of tile. A basic tile calculator is also included in the app, helping to make on-the-go calculations a breeze.

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