Whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter, great fashion deals can be found for every season. As temperatures change and one season gives way to another, you may be in the mood to do a bit of clothes shopping at a local shopping mall or department store. What happens, however, when you find that the price tags on your favourite items are far higher than you ever could imagine? This feeling is not a good one, but fortunately, you can find a variety of great fashion deals at local stores and through the web. Mobile applications have become increasingly popular as they provide users with information and comparisons for a number of things. This is no different when it comes to the world of fashion: below, we will review three Android fashion apps that can give you inspiration and help you find the best deals in your area.

Zoomingo Local Sales & Deals

If you want to find great deals, coupons and new styles from retailers in your area, then you have a few options. You could go online and search for a particular item and see what the cost is at various stores. You could also go to each store in-person and peruse their selections. For those who want a bit more flexibility, there is the Zoomingo Local Sales & Deals app. Available on Google Play for free, this app can be used to find fashion deals for men, women and children at a fraction of what you’d pay from the designer. It uses live information provided by local retailers to give you access to discounted merchandise that you might not otherwise find in your day-to-day shopping. You’ll even be able to use coupons from the app to save even more at checkout.



The aptly-named Clothing app can be a great way to compare various types of fashion before you head to the store. Available for free on Google Play, this app will allow users to browse suits, shirts, pants, jackets and other accessories for every season of the year. There are thousands of different fashion items in the app, but this is not a direct shopping tool, unfortunately. Still, users will walk away with a sense of what they wish to find in their local department store or online. For that reason alone, the Clothing app is well worth the download and can be used to browse every single type of clothing imaginable.



If you want to create and customise dozens of different wardrobes before you actually purchase them, then you will want to give Dressapp a try. Available for Android devices via Google Play, Dressapp gives you access to digital catalogues from all of your favourite brands – more than 300 in all! You can browse footwear, tops, bottoms, outerwear and more. The intuitive interface allows you to segment and combine various fashion elements to create a unique look, while the fashion calendar can be used to help you decide which outfits to wear on which days. You can download Dressapp for free and begin the process of true fashion augmentation immediately.


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