The world today is finding its life in smart devices. They live with the confidence of calling, texting, banking, investing, clicking, and many other things only through one device i.e. smartphone. The market is filled with mobile devices of various platforms. And users choose their device as per their expectation from mobile phones.


By Sia Carla

A major platform that rules the market today is Android and iOS. While iOS is a bit on a higher side, Android is more of a reasonable price that is affordable to most of the population of the world. Today, we will talk about how mobile app development companies incorporate added benefits in an iPhone so that customers get more value out of it.

  1. Plan the Development

No doubt, it’s the development of the app that matters. But what’s more important is the outline of the app development. Any iOS app development company or developer cannot start without chalking out the essence of the app creation. It requires good research on competition, market survey, customers’ expectations and more.

A proper and planned outline would help the developer to not miss out an important coding or adding feature that uplifts the iPhone. It could also be used for future reference for development companies to see what functionality was incorporated, what is the scope of future enhancements etc.

  1. Apple Developer Program

Any development company or developer would want to use their ability in developing the app. However, to support further, one should get the membership to enroll in Apple Development Program.  The program aids developer to reach out to audiences across the globe and gives access to multiple Apple resources that are needed in app development.

Other benefits of the Apple Developer Program are advanced app capabilities, access to app analytics, and extensive beta testing tools.

  1. Simple App Design

If you are looking forward to attracting users on your iOS app, then developers need to keep a focused approach over design. It’s a simple design of the app that catches user’s attention and engages them to be on long for all their transactions and needs.

For instance – Amazon has a very simple UI that focuses on user’s need and enhance user experience in their buying journey. A simple click on a product would open a new page and if the user wants to buy the product, they simply need to select size, color, and other specifications to add the product to the cart.

  1. Content Layout

Heavy content is a major turn off for any app. While you expect the iOS app to be with high-end users of the market, you need to be smart with the value you display on the app in content form. The content layout and display have to be unique, creative, crisp, and valuable.

For instance:

  • Font: It’s advisable to use medium size fonts for taglines and small size for descriptions. Too loud fonts ruin the content display and extremely small fonts are hard to read.
  • Color: Background color of the app should be in sync with the font color. You should not use too many colors in the app as the app loses its simplicity.
  1. Apple ID Code

Apple ID Code is a mark of identification for developers or app development companies which they need to create before starting with the coding of the iOS app. If you are developing the app for any client, then you need to send all required documents to the client for them to upload and create Apple id on your behalf.

This gives authentication to the developer or app Development Company that is working on the app development.  Having an Apple id helps the developer to develop and release the app quickly for audience and users.

  1. Ensure Compatibility

While the iOS app developer will create the app based on the latest version, it does not guarantee that the version is going to sustain the entire duration of Apple mobile existence. For an app to perform in ever-changing technological trends, it has to be updated on a regular basis.

Hence, the developer should keep this in mind that he/she needs to create the app that is compatible with upcoming versions of the app. This is necessary to ensure that app’s performance is top notch without hindering user’s experience.

For instance – Facebook Messenger is compatible with all versions of iOS platforms.

  1. Test before Launch

Before launching the app to the Apple smart device audience, the iOS developer or iOS app Development Company should carry out sufficient testing beforehand. In fact, it’s advisable to test phase-wise coding before moving on to development of next phase coding.

This eradicates any unwanted bugs/errors that trouble the smooth functioning of the app. For instance – A/B testing is the best way to test the iOS app. This allows the developer or development company to release two different versions of the iOS app to the different set of audience. The aim here is to find out to which version i.e. A or B, the audience had responded well.


To conclude the entire blog, app development is the recent trend that is ruling the market and will continue to do so for a very long time. Be it, developers of any app development company, they are looking at ways to get more value out of an app that would upscale their position in the market and is highly accepted by the audience as well. Keeping a few things in mind, it becomes easy to make your app trendy and profitable both in no time easily.


Siya Carla is Solution Consultant at Finoit Technologies, a leading custom software development company which turns ideas into reality by providing unique web design and mobile app development services. By creating intuitive, user-friendly, and interactive apps for more than 450 customers throughout the globe, we enjoy a great reputation as a customer-friendly mobile app development company in the market.

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