The American Diabetes Association states that over eight percent of Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes. If you’re one of the approximately 19 million Americans affected by this condition, you can use mobile apps to help manage your blood sugar and other issues you face on a daily basis. Since Android and iOS offer thousands of health-related apps, researching which ones are most helpful allows you to make an informed decision before installing them on your device.

Glucose Buddy for Android and iOS
The American Diabetes Association rates Glucose Buddy highly for its comprehensive layout and ease of use. With Glucose Buddy, you can log your medication, carbohydrate and blood sugar intake and automatically send a report in PDF format to your healthcare provider. The app offers the option to sync with an online database that stores your glucose tracking history and predicts your upcoming A1C hemoglobin level. Sending reports to your endocrinologist saves trips to the doctor’s office.

mySugr Companion for iOS
Two Australian type 1 diabetics created mySugr Companion as a fun way to log dietary and medicinal intake for diabetics. When you first start the app, you give your diabetes a name, and it becomes a cartoon-like monster that you have to tame. The app works like a game to keep your diabetic routine more interesting. It includes sound effects and icons to relieve the tedium of logging medication and food consumption.

BGMonitor Diabetes for Android
BGMonitor acts as a mobile alternative to a diabetic’s Bolus Wizard Calculator. If you take several daily injections, you can use this app to calculate your dosage by inputting your blood sugar and carbohydrate levels for the day. The app costs $2 and is only available for Android. If you have an iPhone or iPad, try the alternative RapidCalc app for iOS. It provides the same dosage calculations as BGMonitor.

IBGStart for iOS
Plug your blood glucose monitor directly into your iPhone to give it a graphical interface using the IBGStar app. While it’s only available for Apple devices, IBGStar gives you a comprehensive, intuitive view of your carbs, insulin and blood sugar mg/dl levels. The app is offered for free, but the accompanying glucose meter costs $99.99 at the Apple Store and includes 50 test strips. You can purchase a smaller version that includes 10 strips from Walgreens for $74.99.

Glooko for iOS
If you already have a glucose meter, you can sync it with the Glooko app for iPhone and iPad. Glooko allows you to skip the logging process by uploading information from your glucose meter to your device using a separate MeterSync cable. The information is also uploaded to an online database where you can view and edit it. While the software is free, a MeterSync cable costs $39.95, and if you use an AccuChek meter, you must purchase a $14.95 upgrade adapter cable.

With all of these great apps, you don’t need to struggle with logging your food intake or calculating your insulin dosages while away from home. Just a few small attachments allow you to automatically sync your data on the Web and your device.

Zane Schwarzlose is an SEO at Fahrenheit Marketing, an Austin web design company. Zane is glad he doesn’t have diabetes.

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