Managing your business requirements from a remote location used to be a real headache for travelling professionals. The laptop managed to perform a variety of useful tasks but in hindsight, it was fairly laborious on the whole. You needed to find a WiFi hot spot or internet café and fire up the old beast whilst worrying about possible hacking scenarios. So the modern Smartphone has arrived and we are starting to see how easy it is to pass these tasks over for our business purposes. You may be surprised to learn that millions of business users are still a little ignorant to the fact that these tiny devices can do so much to help us. With this in mind, we have selected 3 very useful Android Market Apps that can make your out of office dealings far smoother than you ever imagined – Enjoy!

Box By Box – Free

Box for Android is a very clever App that allows the Smartphone user the ability to share various files, videos and documents with co-workers whilst out and about. It is ideal for project managers who are never in the office but are constantly required to touch base. Files can be shared via an email link or by Bluetooth; it is simple but extremely effective. The first 10GB is free and you will be using an extremely secure setup. Box is already being used by more than 150,000 companies and 92% of Fortune 500 companies rely on this App. You can use other Android apps to access Box files and your co-workers will have no problems as long as you grant them the appropriate permissions. It’s a very cool way to share your work in a bespoke manner, we love Box!

Intuit GoPayment Card Reader – Free

Intuit GoPayment is all about processing credit card payments whilst on the go, and it also generates receipts and updates business information very quickly indeed. You’ll get a free mobile card reader and will never miss out on a potential sale when out of the office. This App is a must for travelling salespeople who never really close shop, even when they’re out on the town. You’ll also get a very clear view of your transaction history and this App integrates with QuickBooks online, Desktop and Point of Sale. You’ll find it incredibly easy to squeeze this lovely App into your existing business arsenal.

QuickBooks Online By Intuit Inc – Free

Our final Android business App really allows the mobile businessperson the ability to keep a real clear view on business matters wherever they may be. QuickBooks online lets you manage your customers, sales receipts, payments and invoices with ease. You get a full view of your customer details and the ability to track payments and record sales all in one sweet App. Try the 30 day free version and see what you think. This App will save so much paperwork and you’ll never have to worry about missing a customer appointment in the future.

3 Ways To Business Perfection!

We think that you’ll agree that these 3 Apps will certainly make your life on the road a whole lot easier – Android…You Rock!

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