The developers’ community in the current times is massive. The communities are not just able to make their tasks hassle-free but also decrease the app development time with the help of cross-platform application development tools. One of the most noteworthy frameworks of today’s time for mobile application development is none other than Flutter. This is a cross-platform & open source framework of Google intended for constructing native interfaces on iOS & Android. Since this Flutter framework enables developers to construct cross-platform native applications with zero compromise, not just startups but established brands are also using it for app development. An Android Development Company can help build such apps for your business.

List of 10 groundbreaking apps

  • Alibaba – If you want to know how a Flutter framework tutorial looks like, check that is a wholesale marketplace for worldwide trade. Most of the portions of the application are powered by the Flutter framework. When you create an application similar to this, you are enabling your customers to purchase products from reputed suppliers from all over the globe. Right through the mobile app, anyone can now buy any product from almost anywhere. How avant-garde is that!
  • Birch Finance – To gain a complete understanding of the Flutter framework architecture, browsing through applications like Birch Finance is important. It is a credit card rewards application that puts forward the liberty of optimizing & managing present cards to users. With the app, any user can discover the card that suits them the most as per their shopping pattern. Users can also get hold of various methods for earning & redeeming rewards.
  • Coach Yourself – Fitness & health is something that people are focusing more & more with the passing of each day. This sector has huge potential. Most people tend to fail in maintaining health and staying committed to proper nutritional food consumption on a daily basis. With an app like Coach Yourself that is built under the Flutter app framework, people can, not just strengthen personal development but also discard unwanted bad habits. Creating such meditation apps with Flutter framework will always put the name of your business in a good position.
  • Google Ads – One of the finest apps made with Flutter is Google Ads. With this, users can witness the various campaign stats on their Android Smartphones. This kind of Android app with Flutter will always impress users as they will be able to receive notifications on details such as real-time alerts. As they get hands on such information, they can speak with Google professionals for enhancing the campaign, remove, add or edit keywords, etc.
The Flutter web site
  • Reflectly – Among many, one of the most popular apps built with Flutter is Reflectly. More & more people these days like to maintain a journal due to many reasons such as reliving various events, clarifying certain thoughts & a lot more. Reflectly is a mindfulness application and Artificial Intelligence technology drives it. These kinds of apps with the Flutter unit testing framework help users maintain personal journals as they receive fresh questions on an ongoing basis for reflecting their day.
  • SG Bus Tracker – Web apps with Flutter like SG Bus Tracker is always beneficial for users. Budding entrepreneurs can take ideas from this navigation & map app for making their own as this sector will always fetch good amounts of revenue. SG Bus Tracker is a Flutter framework app that educates people about the anticipated arrival time for buses in the island city-state of Singapore. Users can receive a listing of bus stops in proximity that are serviced by SMRT, Tower Buses along with availability of seats that are defined with various color codes.
  • Watermaniac – When you intend to build native mobile apps with Flutter, it is important to download & understand how established apps like Watermaniac work. This is important so that you understand how the Flutter framework functions. With this app people can monitor the water amount they drink in a day. They can even set an everyday water goal & they will receive reminder notifications every day as well.
  • Hamilton Musical – Flutter app framework is noteworthy for authorizing the official application of the popular Broadway musical, Hamilton. This application incorporates elite daily videos & news, daily lotteries for Chicago & New York, merchandise stores, etc.
  • Hookle – This application containing Flutter django rest framework benefits users as they are able to share posts, tackle numerous social media accounts at a single place, etc. With Hookle one can publish posts to various social media channels.
  • Cryptograph – Among the various apps developed with Flutter, the one that is turning heads is definitely Cryptograph. With this app, users can gain insight on latest figures & data for 1600+ cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Bitcoin, etc. The app puts forward exchange rate charts that enable users to select & add coins to the Favorites section for hassle-free tracking.

Final Say

Be it finance, social, fitness, utility, navigation or entertainment, there is an application powered by Flutter framework available in today’s time for all these genres. It is now time that you figure out your niche. Make a brief plan on it, speak to our Android app developer team & decide for yourself about the further proceedings. The rewards that application development with Flutter framework architecture can offer you are humongous. Call us today to know more.

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