Are you a frugal enthusiast? The one who practices and advocates frugal living. If you are, then be a proud one. Because frugal living is not just about cheaper things or saving. Its a way of life. A life spent with the purpose of not spending your hard-earned money on pity things but on many other important things in life.

by Vaishali Sonik 

For those who are always on the move or mostly the city people, de-cluttering their living space becomes a huge headache. To make room for new stuff like new furniture or for that matter new members of the family, we require selling old stuff. At such times, online reselling platforms can be of great help. You can buy and sell old stuff locally saving your time and of course your hard-earned money.

So next time when you have stuff lying without use and acquiring unnecessary space in your home you can refer to this list of Best apps to sell your stuff locally.

The Best Apps to sell stuff locally


If you are living in the US you must have come across an online classified advertising platform Craigslist. Being one of the most frequently visited English language websites Craigslist hosts local classified ads for almost every category possible like Tolet, Job posts, used items for sale, services, etc. Craigslist is operational in 70 countries and over 450 cities worldwide. Posting classified advertisements for most of the categories on Craigslist is free and also no fee is charged to search and respond to an ad. Thus it encounters over 80 million classifieds every month. Of all the categories of classified ads, buying and selling of used goods gets the most posts.


One of the major rivals of Craigslist, Oodle is also a free online classified ad posting platform. It also shows listings from other sources so that buyers and sellers can compare prices. Oodle also offers posting ads through facebook. Its wide classified ad catalog includes services, job listings, pets to buying and selling goods.


Letgo is an app to list items online. It is an app alternative to Craigslist. All you have to do is create a free account in the app by signing up, take images of the item you want to advertise, upload it and post the ad for it.

Also, Letgo app has a ‘free stuff’ section which allows users to get rid of the items they have no use of. This helps many in decluttering their spaces. However, as in the Craigslist case, Letgo users can only buy and sell items locally.


OfferUp is also a MarketPlace App for online sale and purchase of used items. It has recently become one of the most preferred online platform to buy and sell goods. This app has all the features which Craigslist provides but additionally it also provides the sellers option to ship their stuff if the buyers are ready to pay shipping charges. There are no charges for listing stuff on OfferUp. OfferUp makes claim that all it takes to list goods on this platform is 30 seconds or even less. So one can list multiple items on OfferUp as quickly as possible.


Mercari is another mobile app for reselling goods online. Although Mercari is not really a classified ad posting platform like Craigslist, one can sell or buy almost anything on Mercari.

There is no need to meet people you want to sell your items to, as you can directly ship it to them. Also, listing items on Mercari is free. But you definitely will have to shell out 10% when the sale is completed.


Trovit operates with the tagline “ a search engine for real estate, jobs, and cars”. It is available both as an app as well as site. Trovit app does the smart work of bringing together classified listings in 3 particular areas from different other online reselling platform. Thus while one cannot sell his/her goods on this platform, listings on other sites do show up here.

But Trovit does charge for showing up your listings on its platform.


Geebo is also one of the most legit platforms like Craiglist to buy and sell goods. Geebo’s edge over others lies in its precautionary approach to listing ads. Each ad posted is reviewed for its legitimacy. This promotes trust amongst buyers

While the Geebo platform does not provide for animal and firearm listing options. It does provide for listing of other items. Also, the Geebo platform is operational only in the United States.


Another free online reselling app. Although launched recently, the has become a huge hit amongst users. A user needs to upload the image of the stuff for selling and add its price. This exercise takes merely 30 seconds on Carousell. Carousell also allows social media sharing options to increase visibility of the listings posted.

To prevent frauds, Carousell does not allow in-app payments but buyers and sellers have to meet in person to complete a transaction.


This site offers online classified add posting services in over 60 countries. Locanto’s city boards of major US cities gives the option to post ads for free with the highest response. However, a user has to pay extra for ad hosting in other cities. Also by paying some extra bucks can give you experience of listing your items without a third-party ad and your classified appearing at the top of the buyer’s search.


Bookoo is a reselling platform with a personalized touch to it. Those people who are constantly on the move in the US Bookoo comes as a great relief.

Also, Bookoo offers buyers to create a profile for themselves, along with showing there ad posting history. This also has live chat support for a user’s benefit.

We hope this list of Best apps for selling stuff locally will be of great help to not only the frugal enthusiasts but also the public at large. Buying and selling goods until their shelf life is remaining can also be a climate-smart living approach. We have tried making this list as comprehensive as possible but there is every possibility that we might have inadvertently left one or two apps.

Do share if you liked our list or you want us to add some more apps to this list.

Vaishali Sonik is a passionate writer and explorer who has an interest in sharing the knowledge she has gathered over the years while working as the content strategist and writer at different companies. With the vision of bringing the change in the content industry, she jumped her career from M.Tech ECE Engineer to follow here passion. FYI, she portrays herself as a fun person who loves to explore all her hobbies & she has many. Follow my work here.

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