From Samsung:

Dear Seller
Thank you for using Samsung Apps Seller Office; we deeply appreciate your support for our service.The changes detailed below will be introduced as part of our ongoing commitment to service improvement.
 Effective from
– November 28th (THU)
 Major changes
1. Payment methods for buyers now available in more countries
We are preparing to extend some payment methods to a wider range of countries.
– Cyber Cash will be available in: Thailand
– Carrier Billing will be available in: USA (via AT&T), South Korea (via SKT), Russia (via mCommerce), and Kuwait/Qatar (via Ooredoo)
2. A new channel for submitting queries without logging in will be added to the [Find Password] page
– On the [Find Password] page, a “Need Help?” link will be added.
– When you click the “Need help?” link, you will be able to register your query about your password without logging in.
If you have questions, select Seller Office > Support > Contact us for inquiries.
The Samsung Apps Seller Office continues to be dedicated to providing better services for our valued customers.
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