From Samsung:

[Seller Office] Service improvements in April
Dear seller,
This is the Seller Office Team.
Thank you for your continued support of the Samsung Apps Seller Office.In consideration of your valuable advice and opinions, we will further improve the Seller Office service for your convenience. Please note the following information when using Seller Office.
 Effective from
Thursday 25th April. 2013
 Major changes
1. Launch of service in Spanish
In a move that we hope you find useful, the Seller Office now offers its services in Spanish, to help it expand into new potential markets.
Using the service in Spanish: Change the language settings at the top of the page to Spanish.
2. Alterations to supported Icon Image formats
(Before) GIF, JPG, PNG → (After) PNG
For revisions, you must use the changed format for your icons (the existing format can still be used if you are not revising.)
3. Screenshot size addition
(Before) 480×800 pixels in Portrait mode, 800×480 pixels in Landscape mode
(After) 480×800 or 1080×1920 pixels in Portrait mode, 800×480 or 1920×1080 pixels in Landscape mode
If you register an image with a high resolution, it will appear optimized for the latest device.
4. Changes to items being registered as application banners
(Before) Registration by channel
(After) Registration by banner size (General/Extra)
General sized banners : 500×240 (Common)
Extra sized banners : 1080×648 (Android), 480×106 (bada)
We recommend registering all banner images in different sizes for marketing purposes at Samsung Apps.
If you have questions, select Seller Office > Support > Contact us for inquiries.
We will continue to work hard in order to provide you with the best possible service.
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