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Dear Seller
This is the Samsung Apps Seller Office.
Thank you for your continued support of the Samsung Apps Seller Office.The changes detailed below will be introduced as part of our ongoing commitment to service improvement.
 Effective from
– April 03, 2014 (THU)
 Major changes
Added Feature for Registering Screenshots for Each Language
– In the second step of the application registration, when additional languages can be added, a feature has been added to allow screenshots to be registered for each language.
(Before) Application Title, Description, New Features, Tags
-> (After) Application Title, Description, New Features, Tags, Screenshots
– When you register a screenshot for each language, that screenshot will be displayed in the application details page of the Samsung Apps Store when it is viewed in the relevant language.
If you have questions, select Seller Office > Support > Contact us for inquiries.
The Samsung Apps Seller Office continues to be dedicated to providing better services for our valued customers.
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