From Opera:

Dear App Developer,

We are happy to announce our partnership with OpenMobile World Wide, Inc. OpenMobile developed a game changing technology, known as Application Compatibility Layer (ACL)™. ACL enables Android applications to run seamlessly on other operating systems with native performance, zero latencies, and no expense or efforts!

To put it simply, ACL technology allows your Android apps to run on other non-Android operating systems. The best part is that OpenMobile’s ACL technology enables your apps on these platforms with NO additional work and NO cost to you.

Even more, OpenMobile tests your apps to ensure they run smoothly on each of the ACL-enabled platforms distributed by their OEM customers!OpenMobile will be distributing your applications to devices running the Tizen operating system, as well as the webOS operating system. In addition, there are several additional operating systems and devices to be launched in the near future.

Thanks to our partnership with OpenMobile, your apps will automatically be available through OpenMobile’s distribution channels unless OpenMobile receives a notice from you (

We are pleased to provide you with these new and very exciting distribution channels. We look forward to delivering continued consumer downloads and purchases!

Thank you!

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