You should never use your phone while you’re driving, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use your phone to help with your driving. There are lots of great apps out there that can help you overcome all of the struggles that come from being a car owner, including keeping track of your car, improving your driving, and getting your car repaired. Just to show you how many great apps there are, here’s a list of only a few:

Find My Car

Have you lost your car again? In a busy parking lot it’s surprisingly easy for that to happen, but it won’t be with the Find My Car app. All you have to do is log your position into the app once you’ve parked your car and you’ll never lose it again. The app will give you a GPS location of exactly where you parked and even direct you right up to the driving seat. If you find that anything should happen to it or you get stuck in your car for any reason, the app also has an emergency button that will send a text to your family or friends of your exact location. It also comes with an offline navigation option, so even when you’re away from the internet you’ll still know exactly how to find your car.

Fiat eco: Drive App

If you have a Fiat or are looking to buy one in the future then you should definitely check out the Fiat app for your car. It teaches you all about making the most of your Fiat car and how to keep it efficient. The great thing about this app is that you won’t be distracted by a phone screen. Instead it’s an app for your computer. By plugging a USB into your Fiat car your driving information will be automatically then, when you’ve finished your journey, plug the USB into the computer with the app and it’ll give you feedback on your driving. It’ll grade your performance, tell you how far you’ve travelled, how much fuel you’ve used and the total CO2 emitted. It’ll give you great driving tips to save fuel and reduce your CO2 emission as well as give you an optional ‘challenge’ to help you drive more efficiently. If you want to start being more eco-friendly then now’s the time to start looking at new Fiat cars for sale and download the app today.


Sadly, this app is only available in the US at the moment, but everyone’s looking forward to the day it goes international. It is a fantastic tool to use with your car and makes being a car owner a lot easier. With this app you can record all of the repairs you’ve had on your car, get estimates for repairs and even get recommendations for nearby mechanics if you break down as well as call for roadside assistance. It’ll log everything for you in a personal profile and here you can keep track of how much you’ve spent on your car and what condition it’s in.

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