From Cnet:

We are happy to announce that we have officially launched our new Pay-Per-Download (PPD) tools for use on all categories and platforms that are eligible for PPD. This back-end change will be superficial for most users–nothing fundamental has changed about the bidding, promotion, or payment systems. Publishers will now simply have access to a better system for submitting, managing, and renewing PPD bids on their software products.

This change to our processing tools is part of a new infrastructure that allows us to add new and requested features to our PPD system. One notable feature of today’s release is that you will now be able to manage your PPD and SpotBid campaign with the same tools.

To submit bids for August 2013, publishers will still follow the same process as usual. Links to submit bids will still be available from their “My Products” page. The only difference is that those links will take users to our new tools.

Note: When publishers click on the PPD links to our new system, they will be asked to log in again using their credentials. Do not be alarmed. That is the expected behavior.

The same minimum PPD bidding rules apply to participate — 15 cents minimum CPD and $250 minimum spending cap. As usual, the winning bids and spending caps will vary by category. The bidding window is open as of today, and it will close at 12p.m. PT on July 26, 2013

For more information about the PPD program click on the FAQ here.

If you have any questions about these changes to our PPD tools or any questions about the PPD program in general please submit a request Support (make sure to select “Pay Per Download” in the Category field).

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