BlackBerry is arranging a “port-a-thon” to attract developers to the new BlackBerry 10 platform. In a 36 hour event, they will put a ton of technical resources and people at disposal for developers, and they’ve opened the goodie bag:

  • Developers receive $100 for each approved app (up to a max of $2000). Interesting twist as opposed to Google Play where you have to pay to submit
  • Developers submitting between 2-5 games get a free PlayBook tablet
  • A BB10 Alpha device is given to the first 100 developers who submit between 5-10 games
  • The first 10 developers who submit between 10-20 apps, get a BB10 Alpha app + a free trip to GDC in San Francisco


So the question is whether this will be enough to entice developers.  BlackBerry is a profitable platform, and generates significant revenues for those that are in their store, probably due to lack of apps. It is also interesting to note their heavy focus on games, no doubt due to their purchase of ScoreLoops and having Volker Hirsch head up this unit.

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