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We wish to bring all you game developers out there some critical information about GPUs and Texture Compression on BlackBerry 10.

Please note that there are two different GPUs available for the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone: Imagination GPU and Qualcomm GPU.

Even though the specifications of both types of GPUs are comparable, when you build and submit your games to BlackBerry World, we give you the ability to create separate BAR files to target a specific GPU.

Why is this important – Texture Compression.

If you have already built a game on a Dev Alpha A device and optimized texture data on that device, then you will need to repackage your game following the instructions described in this blog. If you do not repackage your game, it will not function on most BlackBerry Z10 devices sold today.

Additionally, if you are building a new game that employs Texture Compression, then you also need to properly package your game to account for the different GPUs.

For specifications on the BlackBerry Z10 GPU variants, and for additional detail regarding Texture Compression, read this post: BlackBerry 10: Texture Compression and GPUs.

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