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Dear Mobile App Developer,

Today we announced the general availability of the Amazon Mobile Ads API which gives you the ability to earn great eCPM by monetizing your app with mobile ads from the Amazon Mobile Ad Network.

Our eCPM has increased 30% since the beta launch in March, and early adopters such as Games2Win are discovering that the Amazon Mobile Ads API is a great monetization solution. “The $2.00 eCPM we saw from Amazon far exceeded our expectation. We tested Amazon in our Kindle app first. Now we’re racing to get the Amazon ads integrated in all of our apps across all Android stores,” said Mahesh Khambadkone from Games2Win.

Starting today, the Amazon Mobile Ads API will be included as part of our Amazon Mobile App SDK. Apps that use the Amazon Mobile Ads API may be distributed on any Android platform as long as they are available for download through the Amazon App Distribution Program.

Earn a Kindle Fire HD by integrating the Amazon Mobile API in your app in the next few weeks. Here’s how:

1. Integrate the Amazon Mobile Ads API into your app. Get started here.
2. Submit your app to the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Portal between July 25th and September 1st. Get started here.
3. Send at least 500 ad requests to the Amazon Mobile Ad Network every week between September 15th and October 19th (see terms and conditions below).

Best regards,
Amazon Mobile App Distribution Team

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