If you are currently working as a project manager, you’ll know exactly how it feels when you seem to be fighting constantly against the clock. Those ‘realistic’ timelines don’t really seem to be working for you and you are always chasing that individual who doesn’t want to be contacted. In order to run a smooth and successful project, you need a great team and constant communications in the mix. You will also need the best tools available in order to hold everything together. If you are currently doubting the equipment/applications at your disposal and would like some new ones onboard, why not read this article and learn about some Android apps that are ready to help?

DocScanner–  http://www.docscannerapp.com/

Our first Android app will be a godsend to those of us with a load of clutter on our desk that we keep forgetting to file. Sometimes we give in and just dump it all in the trash, and that’s usually a bad move. Well now you can use this app to help you deal with it in an efficient manner. Your DocScanner app will happily record the information on your plethora of business cards, receipts and suchlike and transforms them into an easy to manipulate database. It is intelligent enough to sort the different types of input and places them into the appropriate folders. The output docs can be uploaded into the cloud for further examination and sharing purposes.  Your desk is nice and clean once more and your vital information is stored away in a very safe place!


How many times have you wished you could have a portable printer that fits in your pocket and can be called on whenever you need some hard copies? This isn’t normally an issue if you’re at your main office, but many project managers are called upon to visit client sites and are expected to produce the proverbial ‘rabbit out of a hat’ on many occasions. Well this app feels your pain brother and is here to provide a cool solution! Once this app is uploaded to your Android Smartphone, you can simply use the Wi-Fi to locate the nearest printer and send your document on its mission! You can also remotely connect to any printer using the onboard software. You can allow visitors to your own office to share your local printer and this also works via the internet for remote users/customers. It is a fantastic little app that will save many a blush for project managers and their stakeholders alike!

Catch – https://catch.com/

If you are one of those project managers that are always scribbling things down on paper as you work, then this is the app for you. It can be incredibly frustrating when you lose your scribbles, especially if the information was important. This app allows you to not only save these notes but also share the contents for further collaboration purposes. They will be safely stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any connectable device at a later stage. There are loads of cool features such as the ability to add a voice note to the file and you can use geotags to remember where the idea original sprang from. Check out the website for a full list of the features, but we’re sure you have already decided on this app for your next project!

Android To The Rescue!

Well, we think so and you’ll soon agree with us once you see for yourself!

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